Makaya McCraven's different Drummer-Hats An interview with Chicago's Jazz Hip hop & Dance World Drummer Makaya McCraven\'s different Drummer-Hats - An interview with Chicago\'s Jazz Hip hop & Dance World Drummer Drummer, producer and Beat Scientist Makaya McCraven played three shows with three bands on the first day of the North Sea Jazz Festival 2017. All gigs were different in music, style and approach. Here are four videos with Makaya talking about his different Musical Drummer-Hats that day, and his view on drumming in all the different roles he plays. Just as interesting is his story on the making of 'In the Moment,' his latest solo release and the video where he talks about the Chicago music scene. Makaya is a musician who is playing the big festivals just as easy as the small clubs while remaining just as eager to learn, travel, find new sounds and make all that inspiration his own.

Makaya's global influences
Makaya McCraven's influences start at the very beginning with his father being an American Jazz drummer who played with Archie Shepp and Yusef Lateef, and his mother who was a Hungarian Folk singer. Does that sound diverse? Then add the fact he was born in Paris, also is an American citizen growing up in Massachusetts and that he was preoccupied with listing to rock and hip hop as a teenager. But that doesn't define him just yet; this is a drummer who was eager enough to study the roots of Jazz as well, and is still learning that musical history that he wants to make his own - as can be heard on his very well received 2012 debut album 'Split Decision'.

'In the Moment'
But after his 2015 album 'In the Moment' touched ground, it got him booked at the 2017 North Sea Jazz Festival straight away. And there he showed his open-to-all-creativity-personality with saxophone player Greg Ward & 10 Tongues and trumpetist Marquis Hill's Blacktet. Makaya can be heard on the Blacktet's amazing album 'Modern Flows EP, Vol. 1' from 2014.

Later, in a separate article, we will see Makaya McCraven's performance with his own band at North Sea Jazz, and the incredible vibe they instantly created on stage. Makaya will be explaining the insane groove and feel he is playing in the videos in that article.

The videos
In the videos Makaya talks about the major things that define him as a drummer, and as a student still, as he tell us in the very first videos. So here are a few lessons from one of the most sought-after drummers from Chicago at the moment.
"If you can't play the music with authenticity, you're still a student in that context."

Different Drummer-Hats
Makaya talks about how he plays with three different bands on the same day.

Hard bop versus Free Jazz
Asked about the difference between playing Hard bop and Free Jazz, and switching between styles so easily after each other, Makaya gives some valuable insights on how to look at this.

The story behind 'In the Moment' (2015 album)
This is the unique story on how 'In the Moment' got shape during several music series. Check how live sessions can turn into one of the most interesting albums of 2016.

The Chicago Music Scene
Makaya McCraven talks about Chicago, the history, the music scene, the vivid community and the opportunities the city offers.

Makaya McCraven - 'In the Moment' (2015)
This is the Spotify stream of the 2016 Deluxe release.

Makaya McCraven's 2012 debut album 'Split Decision'
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