Kim Weemhoff - Remo Sandlane Sessions Videos Four live recordings for a live studio audience Dutch drummer Kim Weemhoff recorded four songs during his Remo Sandlane Session - a recording clinic initiated by Remo and the Sandlane Recording Facilities in The Netherlands. With precision and Kim's musical vocabulaire, this evening was an excellent chapter in improvisation, creativity and even somewhat cosmic playing. Not only his grooves in different time signatures sounded incredible, also his mallets and hands pulled every sound out of the drums as if it was nothing. Kim explains about the four recordings with this article.

These tracks are composed/designed by my very talented 20 year old son Vijay, and I think he is starting to have his feet in the history of music while opening up new technical & sound possibilities. Moreover, it is lots of fun working with him! Now, about the songs...

Unusual Song Struc 1
This is actually a computer program that Vijay has designed that improvises with vocal samples, so he construct is very different every time he starts it.
I improvised with it, hearing this form in this recording for the first time.

Dig the Way you Walk
A slow funk track with a voice sample of the great Barry White. I heard a Manu Katché type of groove here and attempted to add some fill flavor here and there, but also with the computer drum track that you hear on the track.

A slow 'builder,' where I choose to play sparse while getting more and more intense to create that 'I'm creeping up on you!'- feeling.

Impro 7/8
This track is a 'Fusionesque show-off-thingy' in the tradition of my heroes Billy Cobham, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta and so many more. I composed most of the rhythm where the 7/4 actually has accents where you feel it as a 4/4. Until it suddenly turns around. Vijay did the samples and chords.

This recording is just like the rest of the tracks a first and one-taker. I like first takes often best because they have the right energy because your mind is not too much in the way, yet.

Thanks for watching and listening, it was a lot of fun because of the very nice and talented people who worked with me!

Kim Weemhoff's Remo drumheads
Snare drums
  • Ambassador Coated
  • Skyntone
Toms and Floors
  • Ambassador Coated
Bass drum
  • Resonant: Powerstroke3 Clear
  • Batter: Fyberskin with a 4" hole
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