Watch Juan van Emmerloot's clinic on Dynamics and Musical Culture Find your dynamic range for recording & live playing On July 11, 2016, brand new Meinl cymbals and Percussion artist Juan van Emmerloot hosted his second clinic for The clinic was broadcasted live on the website, as well as on Facebook, from the new studio of Quadia in Hilversum, The Netherlands. This webcast's topic was about Dynamics and Musical Culture. Here you find the complete clinic for free accompanied with some cool photo's from the studio as well as the control room.

The clinic's main topics

  1. How to improve dynamic playing
    How can I make a prepared music track come alive more? Sometimes a pre-recorded track opens up possibilities to play different types of grooves, with different sounds. How do you know you are going into the right direction while you record your drums to this track? On what bases do you decide which take is 'the one'?
  2. Inspiration
  3. When do I know that my groove is a killer-groove?
    Creating killer grooves using other instruments and space. It is always wise to learn a side instrument next to your main instrument. It will help you to understand the role of the drums in music better. See what happens if you use a side instrument to create grooves.
  4. Finding your way in other music cultures
    Get inspired by music from all over the world. Opening up sources will help you to develop richer playing. Don’t just listen ONLY to the music that is populair; people play music for more than 100 of years all over the globe! Every culture has created their own style. Go and find out what other interesting grooves might inspire you.

Introduction Juan van Emmerloot
Juan explains exactly what is featured during the clinic below. This will only take a minute and you get a good impression of the clinic.

The one-hour clinic
Presenter host: Nico Verspaget, CEO & Co-founder Quadia Online Video

Juan van Emmerloot's Meinl setup
  • 10" Byzance Vintage Trash Splash
  • 12/14" Generation X Trash Hat
  • 14" Byzance Vintage Sand Hihat
  • 18" Byzance Vintage Sand Medium Crash
  • 18" Byzance Vintage Sand Thin Crash
  • 22" Byzance Vintage Sand Ride
  • 10" Drummer Snare Timbales
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