Remembering Remo Belli (1927-2016) - Part I A 14 video interview with the founder of Remo Inc. In 1946, Remo Belli arrived in California, United States, with only 60 dollars in his pocket. After moving from New York to Los Angeles, he became a musician, drum store owner of Drum City in Hollywood, and after that, starting in 1956, he built one of the most successful companies in the music industry with the development of the first successful synthetic drumhead, best known as the Weatherking. Drummerszone had the opportunity to talk with Remo for over an hour, resulting in one of the most valuable interviews we ever did. We remember Remo with 14 videos in two articles in which he talks very openly about his life, starting from when he was a boy born during the Great Depression. But also about his businesses and his perspective on the music industry, which already became clear for him more than 20 years ago: the music industry was just too small for him and the Remo Company. Remo D. Belli died on April 25, 2016.

Meet Remo Belli in these 14 videos, and find one of the most pleasant people we ever came across. A man with a clear vision, a very impressive history, and, extremely funny while always keeping the right perspective. Whether it was on life, health or business.

The videos: Remo Belli and Remo Inc.
The articles are divided in two topics. These first five videos are mainly about Remo himself, his perspective on life and business, his history and his incredible energy.

In this second article he discusses the future of Remo in fields other than the music industry. While always humble, Remo says: "I never had trouble having a clear vision." This showing the greatness of the man who introduced many, many new instruments to the music market, all proving extremely useful in healthcare and every other social issue you can think of.

As our current Remo Quicktech drum key campaign running on Drummerszone states: 'You only need one,' the Music industry only needed one man with the idea to test a polyester film called Mylar in 1956 as a drumhead, and change music and drum history forever with giving the world the synthetic drumhead.
"I don't care if you are cleaning the factory; you're at the same level as anybody else."
- Remo Belli

Remo's Energy
Here we asked the first question we always wanted to ask Remo: Where do you get your energy from?

"The highlight came when I helped develop the first successful synthetic drumhead."
- Remo Belli

Remo's most defining moments
An obvious question, but Remo tells about all that has defined him as a person.

'When the syndicate ran Las Vegas...'
Remo talks about how the business has changed through the years. As well as for him, as in the current music industry. Don't let the title confuse you - just watch the video and you will have a great laugh!

"The Music Business had nothing to do with developing Rock n' Roll."
- Remo Belli

Ain't no business like...
Remo talks about artists he worked with, like Buddy Rich, Louie Bellson and Sheldon "Shelly" Manne. Furthermore he goes into what it takes to make it in the Music industry.

How do you stay so sharp, physically and mentally?
Remo talks openly about his life, his health, discipline and the moment he changed his way of life.

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