DW Collector's Series Hybrid Spruce drums A spruce core with different inner and outer plies DW Collector\'s Series Hybrid Spruce drums - A spruce core with different inner and outer plies Last year, when celebration DW's 45th anniversary, the Californian based drum brand came out with the limited Italian Stradivarius Spruce kit that you can see in the video below as well. This was the first hybrid spruce kit that DW ever built. The use of Spruce wood inspired the drum makers to further explore this type of wood in combination with other woods. And there you have it; the Hybrid Spruce Drums with a spruce core and a choice of maple, cherry, or mahogany inner and outer plies.

With DW Drums you can order pretty much what you want and how you want your drums to look like. On their website is a complete list of available sizes, finishes, drum hardware and color options. First, let's have a look at the new Hybrid Spruce drums from DW and then the 45th Anniversary Stradivarius drumset.

DW Collector's Series Hybrid Spruce Drums
Here you see a maple and spruce kit with a Candy Black Burst lacquer over curly maple. With nickel hardware.

DW Drums 45th Anniversary Stradivarius Drum Set

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