Up close: the Tama Club-JAM Kit Plus info on the woods used in the shells Up close: the Tama Club-JAM Kit The audio in the video of the Tama Club-JAM Kit below is an official studio recording and shows you how the featured Tama Aqua Blue Club-Jam kit sounds. Tama had this kit and its beautiful blue color prominently displayed at the booth at the NAMM Show. The Club-JAM is compact and features some real vintage construction and hardware specifications. Still, the wood used in the drum shells is most important. It is what defines a drumsound and what makes a drum sound.

That vintage cool translates visually in the tom holder that is mounted on the bass drum, and that the spurs on the bass drum are curved. Other good-and-useful-to-know features are that there is a matching bag set as well, sold separately. The wood that the shells of the Club-JAM are made of is hybrid; a combination of Mersawa and Poplar.

Mersawa wood?!?
Mersawa wood is a light hardwood and light in color. It is one of the lesser known timber species. It has a moderately coarse texture and it colors pale yellow or yellowish brown. It darkens on exposure to air. Mersawa is poorly durable to fungi, so you can be sure Tama had the wood fully dried before using it for the drums. Fun to know: Mersawa is also used for furniture, flooring, veneer or boxes and crates.

Poplar is known for its soft highs and mids in the sound. The low with poplar is often very present. In general, Poplar wood is fairly cheap compared to Maple or other more exotic woods. The reason why drums made of Poplar are often cheaper priced.

The combination of Mersawa and Poplar in the Tama Club-JAM Kit shells really adds up. That is why we mentioned the sound earlier as you can hear it in the video below. This kit really has a special sound flavor, and we like it.

Up Close: Tama Club-JAM Kit

Club JAM finishes
  • Satin Blonde (Lacquer Finish)
  • Aqua Blue (Unicolor Wrap)
  • Charcoal Mist (Unicolor Wrap)
Shell Kits and Hardware
The Lacquer and Unicolor kits come in the same sizes.
  • 12"x18" Bass Drum
  • 7"x10" Tom Tom
  • 7"x14" Floor Tom
  • 5"x13" Snare Drum
  • Single Tom Holder
  • Cymbal Holder
  • Drum Pedal
  • Snare Stand
  • Hi-Hat Stand
  • Drum Throne

Up Close: Tama Club-JAM Kit
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