The new PDP Concept Series Classic finishes Plus additional sizes for heavy hitters The new PDP Concept Series Classic finishes PDP, Pacific Drums and Percussion, is one of the brands of DW Drums. Besides new drums and finishes, this year the brand also has a new logo and launched a new website prior to the NAMM Show in California. Here we feature three new finishes for the PDP Concept Series Classic, and show you all the additional drums that you can order at the redesigned website.

The Concept Series Classic is built like the regular Concept Classics from PDP. The drums have:
  • 6-ply toms
  • 7-ply bass drum
  • vintage-style, low-profile claw hooks
  • maple-plied counterhoops
  • and the Classic drums are available in all the Concept Classicse finishes as well.
The 2018 PDP Concept Series Classic finishes

New finishes
The drums have all Maple shells, and are now also available in the new finishes
  • Ebony Stain
  • Tabacco Burst Satin
  • Charcoal Burst Satin
The 3-piece Bop Kit
  • 8"x12" mounted tom
  • 14"x14" floor tom
  • 14"x18" bass drum
Additional sizes
  • 8"x"12 tom no mount
  • 16"x"18 floor tom
  • Tom Pack 9"x"13 no mount + 16"x"16 floor tom
  • 16"x"22 bass drum
  • 14"x"24 bass drum
  • 14"x"26 bass drum
A snare drum is not included and the hardware are sold separately. The 3-piece set, that has the traditional Bop drum sizes costs $699.99 on the PDP website. Matching snare drums for this kit can be found in PDP's Concept maple/birch snare drum series.

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