Watch The Imp - a killer British Drum Co. kit A little beast made in Manchester The Imp - a British Drum Company killer drumset The Imp is the smallest, but still just as cool drums of the British Drum Company from Manchester, UK. Or a killer drum as they like to call it. And they're right, the sound that this little sucker produces is warm, deep and the 16x10 bass drum matches the bigger sizes easily. And we should mention those bigger sizes because these drums are also available in standard sizes besides the tiny kit you see in the video below.

The Imp's shell is a combination of maple, tulip and birch, it has hand-cut 30-degree round-over bearing edges and the hardware is BDC's own stylish and Art Deco inspired Palladium hardware, that you can see in the image below the video. That Art Deco theme also returns in the tom brackets and the lugs.

Palladium has four types of lugs, and you can guess which ones are used on The Imp:
  • small single lug - for Legend toms
  • large single lug - for Legend bass drums
  • short double lug - for snares and Lounge toms
  • long double lugs - for deep Lounge toms and Lounge bass drums
A snare drum is not included with the kit, but you can get a 12x5.5 snare with the same specifications.

Mel Stewart, Head of Sales and Marketing with the British Drum Company shows The Imp in detail below.

'The Imp' - a killer British Drum Co. kit

British Drum Company's Palladium Lugs
British Drum Company's Palladium Hardware

Shell pack configuration
  • 16x10 bass drum
  • 10x6 tom
  • 13x10 floor tom

The Imp shell pack configuration

Available single drums
  • Rack Toms
    6x6 / 8x7 / 10x7 / 12x8 / 13x9 / 14x10
  • Floor Toms
    14x14 / 16x16 / 18x18
  • Bass Drums
    18x16 / 20x16 / 22x16 / 24x16 / 26x16
  • Gong Drums
    18x8 / 20x8 / 22x8
  • Snare Drums
    14x5.5 / 14x6.5

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