Meet 'The Duke' - a 3000 year old British snare drum British Drum Company's 2018 NAMM Show treasure Meet \'The Duke\' - a 3000 year old British Drum Company snare drum Meet 'The Duke'. A complete video of the limited to 50 numbered snare drums made by the British Drum Company and one of the real treasures at the 2018 NAMM Show. The shell is a 3000 year-old English Bog Oak, carbon dated to 1000BC. And it has 24 carat gold-plated slotted tension rods. And that is just the beginning of what this piece of art features. On video and photos, here is everything on the snare that only a few will own.

Mel Stewart, Head of Sales and Marketing with the British Drum Company tells you all about 'The Duke' in the video below. The list of specialties with this snare drum is immense. Not only because of the carbon dating, which is a specialty on itself, but also the design and the treatment of the British Drum Company to this wood.

That treatment resulted in a beautiful drum with specifics that are all very well-chosen and show the high level and skills that the company has as a drum maker. Like the 24 carat gold-plated slotted tension rods that perfectly reflect the high level this company is at.

BDC uses the cold mould process to create the drums. The 6mm thick 10-ply shell is glued and laid in the moulds by hand, added by 2-plys of the same Bog Oak reinforcement rings.

Another nice detail in this video and for 'The Duke' is the company's first snare that features their new Palladium Mk II snare strainer. Mel Stewart shows you all the 'The Duke' details in this video.

'The Duke' - a 3000 year old British Drum Company snare drum

The Duke's features
  • size: 14"x5.5"
  • 3000 year old Bog Oak shell
  • Individually numbered series badge
  • Remo USA-made drumheads
  • 4.5mm rolled single-flange chrome plated hoops
  • Vintage style mini butterfly claws
  • 24 carat gold tension rods
  • 10 Palladium Lugs
  • Palladium Mk II snare strainer
  • Brass Snare Wires with BDC logo on it
A few British Drum Company artists
  • Ian Matthews - Kasabian
  • Pete Salisbury - The Verve / The Charlatans
  • Joe Donovan - Blossoms
  • Pete Cater - The Pete Cater Big Band
  • Al Murray - The Pub Landlord
The selling point of 'a 3000 year old snare drum' in the title of this article is -of course- ridiculous; the first known uses of snare drums was in 13th century Europe. When in war, they were used to rally troops and to demoralize the enemy.

That demoralization was obviously centuries before we all started diggin' that groove on the 2 and 4. Need a reference on that? Just turn on Bruno Mars' Chunky. Or MJ's Billy Jean, or just any Aaron Spears groove where you loose count but somehow dancing on it still works.
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