Meinl Cymbals: 3 Pure Alloy video demos The Orlando Drummer shows new Crash, China and Splash Meinl Cymbals Pure Alloy video demos - The Orlando Drummer shows new Crash, China and Splash In this article we feature three new cymbals in the Meinl Pure Alloy series. The Pure Alloy is the most 'normal, classic' sounding cymbals in the Meinl catalogue. Your host, The Orlando Drummer Adam Tuminaro, takes you through the new cymbals in this range: the 10" Pure Alloy Splash, the 18" China and the 22" Medium Crash. Notice how Adam gives you a lot of details on the cymbals and their backgrounds in these videos. No better way than learning it from a master teacher.

With these cymbals, Meinl is expanding the Pure Alloy line, made of the B12 alloy. As The Orlando Drummer says in the video, these cymbals perfectly match the sound of the other cymbals in the line.

Cool Meinl Pure Alloy details
Some nice details of the Pure Alloy are that these cymbals are made in Meinl's factory in Germany, and that the hammering of the cymbals is completely computerized. The Pinpoint lathing of the cymbals creates smaller grooves that make them more flexible and give them a higher pitch. Also, the stick definition is clearer and the cymbals open up quite quickly.

The new Meinl Pure Alloy videos
Watch all three videos with informative stories and info from The Orlando Drummer.

10" Pure Alloy Splash

18" Pure Alloy China

22" Pure Alloy Medium Crash

The Orlando DrummerThe Orlando Drummer - Adam Tuminaro
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