Demo: Yamaha makes hybrid drumming easy with the EAD10 The magic drum module that records all your drums Video Demo: Yamaha makes hybrid drumming easy with the EAD10 Yamaha broke a huge barrier for hybrid drumming with the EAD10 drum module. The EAD10 is an affordable module plus a trigger with internal microphone that lets you create completely new drum sounds on your acoustic drum set on the fly. The EAD10 makes hybrid drumming instantly very easy with this low entry level drum module. Yamaha artist Simon Edgoose demonstrates it all in the video below. Make sure you watch it completely; then you will know exactly what you can do with it... on sound, recording, video, sampling, sharing and more.

Simon Edgoose demonstrates how easy the EAD10 works, with only 3 main buttons to create your own realm of sounds. He talks about the sensitivity, the controls of the module, and how easy it is to record on the module, the computer, or through the app - which also records video for you (only available for iOS, though).

The Yamaha EAD10 Drum Module - demo by Simon Edgoose
EAD = Electronic Acoustic Drums

How the EAD10 works
  • there is one module
  • plus one combined microphone and trigger sensor that mounts on the bass drum
  • the microphone captures and reproduces sound of the entire kit
  • with the module you add effects: including flange, phase, and reverb
But there is more...
The module also features a snare trigger input and two 3-zone trigger inputs that are compatible with the Yamaha DT50S snare trigger and DTX Series pads.

With that, a new world opens up with 757 stored sounds and effects, an onboard sampler and 50 preset combinations, and there is room to program 200 more.

The EAD10 live or in the studio
You can connect the module to a mixer, to send the effects you use with the EAD10 over a PA system to blend it in with the sound of your band. And if course, when in a studio, you can record your drums with your effects directly, just like you can on your computer or in the app.

Share your music
With the free app called Rec 'N' Share, the EAD10 lets you record your drums - even when making a drum cover, capture it on video and share it directly to your social media channels. "Stupidly easy," as Simon Edgoose describes it in the video above. The app is only available on iOS. Hopefully Yamaha will make an app for Android soon.

The app also allows you to import a track, assign a click (metronome), adjust the tempo and record yourself playing over it. You can mix it on the fly and export it easily. The specs say there is 32MB of space allowed for WAV samples. In this digital era that is not much. Nowadays a single RAW image taken with a semi-pro camera has often more MB's.

Nevertheless, watching Simon Edgoose demo the EAD10, we must confess that Yamaha's claim to Turn an Acoustic Set into a Dynamic Digital Studio comes really close and we can't wait to test it ourselves!
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