Watch and hear Benny Greb's new Meinl 8" Crasher Hats Video hosted by The Orlando Drummer Adam Tuminaro Watch and hear Benny Greb\'s new Meinl 8\ We asked The Orlando Drummer Adam Tuminaro to host our Meinl Cymbals videos at NAMM 2018, and he did a perfect job: in twelve videos, he takes you through all the new from Meinl that the company officially launched during the annual trade show in California.

We start these video articles with the thin weight 8" Benny Greb Crasher Hats in the Meinl Artist Concept Models series. A stack with four 8" cymbals that Benny Greb intended to sound like a shaker.

Mission accomplished.

Watch the video with Adam Tuminaro below, and read how Benny describes his idea for this neat little multi stacker...

The Meinl 8" Benny Greb Crasher Hats - with Adam Tuminaro

"Is it a shaker? A programmed & pitched hihat sample? Is it a crasher percussion effect? No, it's the Crasher Hats.
I wanted something that was super short, dry, clear and high in frequency but still very dynamic that could fulfill a whispering shaker-like role in the music. Tough to get! So we had to create something completely unique.

Four separate cymbals sandwiched together. They have different shoulders so they collapse against each other at every hit.
The result is incredible. A very unique sound that blends beautifully with ghost notes and other subdivisions, but can also make a very percussive statement. Always sounds perfect without any unwanted noise or sustaining ring.

You can hear it on all my recent recordings and it has become part of my sound. Check it out. It's such a useful instrument. I absolutely love it."
- Benny Greb

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Official specs Benny Greb Crasher Hats
  • Size: 8" / 8"
  • Type: Stack
  • Weight: Thin
  • Material: B20
  • Finish: Raw
  • Production Method: Hand Hammered
  • Lathe: None
  • Made In: Turkey
  • Timbre: Mid-Bright
  • Character: Trashiness, Mellow
  • Pitch: High-Mid
  • Volume: Low
  • Sustain: Short
  • Styles: Metal, Rock, Pop, Fusion, Studio, Electro, Jazz, RnB, Reggae
  • UPC: 840553018516
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