The Giovanni, Chad, Fausto and Sheila E. LP Signature Series Videos of Latin Percussion's new top of the line instruments The Giovanni, Chad, Fausto and Sheila E. LP Signature Series - Videos of Latin Percussion's new top of the line instruments The first thing Giovanni Hidalgo, Chad Smith, Fausto Cuevas and Sheila E. have in common is that they all play LP Percussion. Besides being some of the main artists of Latin Percussion, each also has new signature instruments added to the LP catalogue. They sound just as good as they look with all the special features that all the instruments have. From Fausto's Black Nickel plated timbale finish to Sheila E's signature logo built in the drum shell, watch all the new and top of the line signature products that all feature a special touch of the artists that have their name on them.

Giovanni Hidalgo Signature Stave Cajon
The officially named 'Matador Giovanni Signature Stave Tumba Cajon' is based on LP's top selling stave cajon. Made of North American Ash it matches the Giovanni Wood Galaxy Congas and Bongos. The stave cajons feature a rounded belly and smaller top to provide a sonic range that has crisp slap tones with increased resonance and bass tone. It measures 20" height, 13" width and a 13-1/2" diameter.

Fausto Cuevas III LP Signature Series Congas, Bongos and Timbales
Latin Percussion worked with Stevie Wonder's percussionist Fausto Cuevas III to develop these new signature series based on the Galaxy fiberglass drums. Especially designed for the road.
The Fausto Cuevas Tumba, Quinto, Conga and bongos are Kevlar fiber shells and have steel reinforced bearing edges. All the drums have the Arena Red sparkle finish and Gold Toned hardware.
Derek Zimmerman, Brand Manager for LP, gives you all the details in the video below.

Also in this video is the Fausto Cuevas III 14" and 16" Signature Timbale Set
They are a set of road-ready timbales with a 14" Macho and 16" Hembra. The macho placed on the right is higher tone drum, and the hembra on the left is the lower drum.
The shells are 6 1/2" deep and have 5-Lugs to enhance the cascara playing area. The Brass shells have a Black Nickel plated finish that just looks awesome as you can see in the video. The set includes a height adjustable stand with a cowbell bracket, timbale sticks and tuning wrench.

Chad Smith Signature Ridge Rider Cowbell
Already announced in 2016, this is Chad Smith's 'Ridge Rider Red Hot Bell'. The Vise-Clamp Mount with memory lock holds the bell in place and fits 3/8" to 1/2" diameter rods. It is an 8" Mountable Bell and the Red Jenigor Ridge dampens the sound. It has Chad Smith's signature stamped into the bell.

Sheila E. Signature Timbales
Sheila E. already had her signature timbale set, but now it has her signature logo on the side as well. These are 10-ply Maple timbales with a Walnut/Maple finish ply made by Drum Workshop.
The shells are 14" and 15" x 6 1/2" and the set includes heavy duty, fully height adjustable, tilting timbale stand with a cowbell bracket.

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