LP's new Havana Café, Sculpted Ash and accessories Video demos of the new LP Drums & Stuff for 2017 Latin Percussion Havana Caf Congas, Bongo & Cajon, Uptown Series Sculpted Ash and accessories Latin Percussion always has several new percussion accessories, great new products and finishes and additions to existing product lines. Here you see the new Aspire Havana Café congas, bongos and cajon, as well as the new Sculpted Ash in the Uptown Series. This finish on Ebony Stain is just remarkable. Derek Zimmerman, Brand Manager for LP, demos the new Latin Percussion drums. And if you think shakers can't get really loud... well, they can if you create single and double Brazilian Ganza Shakers made of aluminum canisters.

Aspire Series - Havana Café Congas, Bongo & Cajon

This LP Aspire Havana Café wood conga set features a specialized finish process allowing for a modestly priced set of congas in a truly unique finish. The 28" tall congas in this set are made from Siam Oak and come with Brushed Nickel hardware.

Havana Café conga's come with Rawhide heads, EZ Curve rims and 9/32" tuning lugs and Brushed Nickel hardware. The double conga stand is included. ($549.99)

Havana Café wood bongos have the standard 6-3/4" and 8" drums and same specs as the congas. They have Cuban style bottom rings and is priced fairly with $139.99.

The Havana Café cajon has 3 sets of DW snare wires in the maple body with Para wood soundboard. The seating surface is textured and it has large rubber feet and rounded corners for playing comfort. The pricing on the LP website is truly fair at $159.99.

Uptown Series - Sculpted Ash
The Quinto, Tumba and Conga drums have a Sculpted Ash outer ply in Ebony Stain. You see the details in the video. This is where you get professional because these aren't sold as a set. Pricing is around $400 per drum. The Sculpted Ash drums also have rawhide heads and have the Comfort Curve II rims with 5/16" Tension rods with reinforced LP Heart side plates.

Latin Percussion Accessories
Some people might think that al tambourines, Jam Block or even shakers sound alike since they are all percussion and the fact that there are many different products with the same name doesn't help. Nothing could be further from the truth; just like with cymbals or drum sizes and wood types, you can watch and hear the differences in sound, effect, comfort, jingle sounds, and the great designs LP created for the accessories. Shape and materials define everything, and it is always unique.
We actually wonder why some of them are thrown in the group of accessories, since each product is a unique instrument on its own.

The demo video includes
  • Hand Held Jam Block
  • City Series tambourine
  • City Series Hi-Hat Tambourines 8 single jingles and a double version
  • The Big Egg Shaker (Giant Egg)
  • Two new DuoShake shakers (medium and loud are added)
  • Ganza Shakers: single and double versions.

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