The DW Special Exotic and Pure Purplehearts Drum Sets New Ultralight Baby Boom 6000 Series weighs 2.6 pounds The DW Drums Special Exotic and Pure Purplehearts Drum Sets - New Ultralight Baby Boom 6000 Series John Good, DW's 'Woodologist,' travels uncountable miles around the world in search for the best, the most unique and eye-catching and, of course, best sounding wood for the DW and PDP drums. With this article are two videos that cover the 2017 limited edition Special Exotic drum kits and the Pure Purplehearts Collector's Series kit. All special woods and finishes that are limited and exclusively DW Drums. Additionally there is a quick video of the new Ultralight Baby Boom in the DW 6000 series hardware.

Limited Edition Special Exotic
The special Exotic 2017 Limited Edition finishes you see are the colors you can actually order for complete drum kits. Each finish and wood is special and unique, and thus limits the supply the drum maker could get his hands on. The names of the finishes are just as poetic as their colors and shapes. Inspiring names like Santos Rosewood and Bubinga Pomela are two examples of this. Or the Giant Quilt Sapele, that you can see as a complete drum set in the video below. At the end of the video you see some new finish ply options introduced for 2017.

DW Drums Pure Purplehearts
Also new in the Collector's Series are the Pure Purplehearts. It features the original color of the wood, and it is really purple. Check out the finishing touch DW added to the shells. The bass drum and the floor tom are 8 ply, and the other drums have 7 plies. David Phillips from DW tells you all about this new wood option in the video below.

DW Ultralight Baby Boom - 6000 Series Hardware
The Ultralight 6000 Series is inspired by the hardware of the 50's and 60's and have a lightweight aluminum flush base. It is the lightest hardware DW has but stays in place, even if you are a heavy hitter. In our shortest NAMM 2017 video, David Phillips quickly shows you the new DW Baby Boom stand that weighs only 2.6 pounds (1.17 kg).

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