Nicko McBrain demos his Paiste Treasures Iron Maiden drummer reveals his cymbal stories Nicko McBrain's demos his Paiste Treasures - Iron Maiden drummer reveals his cymbal stories Paiste, Vic Firth and Sonor all created spectacular products for Nicko McBrain's The Book of Souls-tour with Iron Maiden. The art is in the detail, Paiste must have thought, and created 'Nicko's Treasures,' a unique and limited edition set inspired by the Mayan theme on the Maiden album and related to Nicko's Sonor tour stage set. You can choose from three videos in which Nicko's Paiste Treasures are explained and demoed by either Nicko McBrain himself, or the recap of the cymbals on display at NAMM 2017.

It is fun and interesting to watch the driven, inspiring and ever funny Nicko McBrain talk so passionately about his love for the Paiste company and even more about the love for his cymbals. Of this anomaly in cymbal production are only 83 crated sets worldwide made. The Treasures are indeed all unique, just like the drummer they are made for.

Nicko McBrain's Treasures - NAMM Recap

The Mayan Cymbal Theme
The artwork on the cymbals is inspired by the Mayan theme of the tour stage set. In the video where Nicko reveals the story of the Paiste Treasures you will get every detail and all the insights on the process of making them. Nicko goes into detail on all the aspects and items shown on this unique cymbal set.

Quick details that Nicko handles in the videos include: the elements of the artwork of sun god Tonatiuh, the date January 9, 1983 written in Mayan calendar glyphs, the day of Nicko's very first session with Iron Maiden. And much more, as well as why the Paiste logos are rendered in the famous Iron Maiden script...

The Paiste-Maiden logo
Revealing the story behind the Paiste logo in the Iron Maiden font on his cymbals, Nicko McBrain talks about how he got Toomas Paiste, father of current CEO Erik Paiste, to put the Paiste logo in that Maiden font on the cymbals.

Nicko McBrain introduces his Paiste Treasures cymbals
  • Iron Maiden's 'The Book of Souls' inspiration for the artwork on the cymbals
  • The story behind the Paiste logo in the Iron Maiden font.
  • Nicko McBrain's Vic Firth 'Boomer' drumsticks ... will he explain why his nickname is Boomer?

The Wooden Crate
The 12 model set comes in a huge custom made wooden crate which features elements of the artwork branded into the wood and on a laser engraved bronze plaque. Inside are a signed CD and Vinyl versions of 'The Book of Souls' album, signed Nicko "Boomer" McBrain Vic Firth signature drum sticks, and a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
Funny fact:
Nicko McBrain doesn't even have the wooden crate!

Nicko McBrain demos his Paiste Treasures cymbals

The Treasures
When you are able to acquire the Wooden Crate and the Treasures in it, you will find these cymbals in the Limited Edition form

Signature Reflector models
  • 14" Heavy Hi-Hat
  • 15", 16", 18", 19", 20" & 22" Heavy Full Crashes
  • 22" Bell Ride
  • 22" Heavy China

  • a Signature 20" Fast Medium
  • a RUDE 17" Crash/Ride
  • a Formula 602 13" Heavy Bell
Did you know...
The Signature, RUDE and Formula 602 cymbals are entirely made by hand in Switzerland using traditional methods that have remained unchanged in over half a century?
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