John JR Robinson demos new Paiste Masters Thin models Featuring bassist of the stars Hussain Jiffry John JR Robinson demos Paiste Masters Thin, Thin Hi-Hat and Swish models In the Paiste Masters series, the Swiss cymbal company announces two new Thin models: a 20", 22" and 24" Thin, the 14", 15" and 16" Thin Hi-Hats, and a 22" Swish. Of course, the Hi-Hats are primarily used as Hi-Hats, but the new Thin cymbals and the Swish have many more dynamics to them then you might expect. These Masters Thin are obviously of thin weight, but the Masters series also have cymbals in sound scapes like Crisp, Dark Crisp, Mellow and Medium.

John JR Robinson, the most recorded drummer in the world, together with bass player Hussain Jiffry, plays an incredible drum solo and session of 11 minutes demoing the Paiste Thin, Thin Hi-Hat and Swish in the video below.

"Masters - Everything you could possibly dream of in Cymbals."
Jim Keltner - December 2016

About the new Paiste Masters models
The Masters series is Paiste's collection of hand-crafted cymbals made of CuSn20 bronze. The new three Thins, which took over three years to develop, are easily just crash cymbals while categorized as rides. The projection these cymbals have and the versatility of these rather big ones fit in any kind of music style you can imagine, from Jazz to Pop and Rock. These cymbals, including the three Hi-Hat sizes are truly all-round.

The new and first 22" Swish in the Masters line can be used as a china cymbal, but -again- if you set it up like a ride or crash, it will do magic as well. Your creativity already gets a boost by playing these new Masters Thin. Paiste worked with cymbal master Jim Keltner to develop the 22" Swish. The Chinese shape gives it the unique characteristics that you can hear in both the videos.
Keywords: responsive feel, extremely controllable, Silvery wooden ping, complex, smoky, dark washes, crashes and swells

Paiste Masters models Thin, Thin Hi-Hat and Swish at NAMM 2017

John JR Robinson demos Paiste Masters Thin - featuring Hussain Jiffry

Recap: added to the Paiste Masters series in 2017
  • 20", 22" and 24" Thin
  • 14", 15" and 16" Thin Hi-Hats
  • 22" Swish, developed with legendary drummer Jim Keltner

Hussain Jiffry - a quick introduction
Hussain Jiffry is probably best known for touring and recording with Herb Alpert and Lani Hall's quintet. In 2014 the quintet won a Grammy Award for their album 'Steppin' Out'. He played and recorded with Michael McDonald, Chaka Khan, Steve Winwood, Tito Puente, Jonathan Butler, Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick, Yanni and many others.

You can find Hussain Jiffry on albums like Airto Moreira's Life After That (2003), and as vocalist on the Dave Weckl Band 2002 release 'Perpetual Motion'. In December 2016 he actually recorded and mixed Tom Brechtlein's drums on Omar Faqir's new album 'Pulse,' on which you can hear Dave Weckl as well. In short, a man of many talents!
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