The new Sonor SQ2 and Vintage Series finishes for 2017 Including a 3-year Vintage Series history The new Sonor SQ2 and Vintage Series finishes for 2017 - Including a 3-year Vintage Series history Sonor offered two new finishes at NAMM 2017: for the SQ2 series there is the African Marble and for the Vintage Series the new Black Slate wrap. Included with this article is our 3-year coverage of the in 2015 introduced Vintage 'Teardrop' Series. Added are videos of the past three years. The African Marble is a great finish, but not part of Sonor's newly introduced Most Wanted-program for the SQ2 series which features two pre-configured drum sets with the most used sizes and combinations for this series. Watch it all in the videos embedded in this article. The specs of the drums are below every video.

SQ² African Marble Kit & Most Wanted Program
The limited African Marble finish in this video is available as semi-gloss and high gloss finish. You can build a SQ2 drum precisely the way you want in all shell options in combination with black chrome, gold or chrome hardware. Now, Sonor also has initiated a 'Most Wanted' Program with drums that are immediately available. These configurations are selections of the most used sizes and combinations.

SQ² African Marble Kit

SQ² Pre-configured Program options
  • Vintage Maple Shells
  • Chrome Hardware
  • The Stage ST22 configuration
    - 22" x 18" Bass Drum (No Mount)
    - 10" x 8" Tom
    - 12" x 9" Tom
    - 16" x 16" Floor Tom
  • The Studio ST20 configuration
    20" x 16" Bass Drum (No Mount)
    10" x 7" Tom
    12" x 8" Tom
    14" x 14" Floor Tom
  • Finishes
    - Dark Satin semi gloss
    - White Marine Pearl wrap
    - American Walnut semi gloss

Vintage Series Black Slate
With Sonor's 140th anniversary in 2015 the company brought back the iconic sound and look of the 1950's and early 1970's with the NAMM Best in Show winning Vintage drum series. Last year, Sonor added the Classic Red Oyster wrap to this original Teardrop Series, and now the German drum builders have added the Vintage Series Black Slate finish to go with these beautiful drums.

Vintage series Red Oyster finish

Scroll down for more Sonor Vintage series videos....

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The Vintage Sonor Teardrop
Special is the recreation of the Teardrop lugs, to have that look and feel of the 1950's. Added to these lugs is Sonor's Tunesafe system to give its necessary and modern application. Also, Sonor introduced the 45 degree bearing edge in 1975, but these drums have the original rounded bearing edges as used on the true vintage kits. The Superprofil triple flanged hoops are redesigned, and the Sonor badge and logo used in between 1952 and 1961 are giving the drums the final touch for the classic look.

Vintage snare drum features
Vintage snare drums feature the Super 50 throw off, a completely redesigned strainer that is inspired by the throw off used on the legendary Sonor D-411 and D-412 snares in the 1950's. Vintage bass drums and shell sets are available with the re-issue of the classic iron-shape bracket, which fits all Sonor single and double tom holders.

The Vintage Pearl and the Vintage Onyx finish

'Drummie Zeb' playing Vintage drum series with Natural finish at NAMM

Drummie Zeb is the drummer and one of the lead singers for the British reggae band Aswad. He has been a member of Aswad since the beginning in 1975, and has recorded over twenty albums with the band.

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