Video demos of the new 2017 Ludwig snare drums Copper, Steel and Maple are the new beats Video demos of the new 2017 Ludwig snare drums - Copper, Steel and Maple are the new beats During the annual Winter NAMM Show the music industry shows their appreciations all over the place with prizes and awards. For the NAMM Show itself, 'Best in Show' is probably the Oscar of the NAMM-categories. Ludwig cashed in on the 'Best in Show Gotta Stock It' award with two of their new products: the 8x14" Black Beauty snare drum, and their Evolution outfit. Stuff you want to have, so to speak. And for the new snare drums below that you can see and hear in the videos, that is surely true. Check out the demos of the new 2017 snare drums for Ludwig.

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snare #1
Raw Copperphonic snare drum 8x14" with Imperial Lugs
The in 2015 introduced Copperphonic is a popular snare drum. After adjustments in 2016, for 2017 the line extension and variations are about size and sound; the deeper shell does just that. With 8" deep, the in Monroe produced Copperphonic snare, has that more punch, volume and tone that the smaller sizes lack. The Imperial Lugs and Seamless Brass Shell ensure the cool that Ludwig promises with every drum they produce. We added a demo of the ever great Memphis Drum Shop for a good reference of the sound.

snare #2
8x14" Black Beauty snare drum
The same as with the new Copperphonic goes for the new Black Beauty: it is bigger, bolder and has more brash. This versatile snare drum goes deeper with the added body and will suit a lot of musical styles. The deeper shell gives just that little extra that you sometimes want. It has Ludwig's classic imperial lugs and triple-flange hoops for an open but still articulate sound.

snares #3 & #4
The 5.5" and 7" Stainless Steel snare drums
Already shown at NAMM, these snare drums should be available a few months after the 2017 NAMM Show has ended. The new Stainless Steel come in two sizes and are a new addition to the sound realm of Ludwig snares. The deep resonating sound is a little higher in pitch than we are used to from Ludwig metal snare drums. It has Flat Imperial Lugs, 45 Degree Flanged Bearing Edge and the toppings are the Ludwig USA drumheads. Available in 5.5x14 or 7x14 inch.
Note: the edgings in the drums are almost futuristic. Even the Ludwig Keystone is graved into the shell!

snares #5 & #6
Standard Maple 8x14" snare drums
These additions in the Standard Maple series have a different wrap than the ones we are used to from Ludwig, but still have the same maple sound. The drums have seven plies of maple plus an outer wrap or veneer combined with bowtie lugs and triple flange hoops. Also made in the Ludwig factory in Monroe NC.

In the video with this article you see and hear the Black Flame finish, but there is also a Mojave Cherry finish. Ludwig says both snares are Limited Editions, but we couldn't find out how limited they are. Best to get one soon if you like it!

The Ludwig 2017 snare drum demos

Memphis Drum Shop Copperphonic demo

Other gear used in this video: cymbals (from drummer's L to R): Meinl 15" Byzance Extra Dry Medium Thin Hi Hat Cymbals, Meinl 22" Byzance Extra Dry Thin Ride
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