Russ Miller demos NFUZD NSPIRE at NAMM 2017 Six demo and info videos on the hybrid drums Russ Miller demos NFUZD NSPIRE at NAMM 2017 Russ Miller is one of those drummers that really supports his brands. Almost every year at NAMM, he is demoing the new and, if necessary, the old. The NFUZD audio drums are not old, but also not new. We think they can be a great digital solution for many drummers, hence why we recorded Russ Miller during one of his showcases. In 4 minutes he takes you through the possibilities of what NFUZD audio can do, and how it solves quite a lot electronic drum issues. We added the excellent videos of 2016 in which John Emrich shows even more details and specs of these 'clip on' e-drums.

At the NFUZD/Mapex booth, Russ Miller shows the electronic and acoustic combinations in all their diversity. Launched in 2015, the NFUZD Audio's series are available including the cowbell, the slim-mounts and all the real sized trigger pads that fit on top of any acoustic drum kit. In the five videos below, you get a perfect overview of what the NFUZD drums are.

Video 1: 2017 NFUZD NSPIRE demo by Russ Miller

Video 2: NFUZD NSPIRE demo by John Emrich

Video 3: The NFUZD NSPIRE drum system
The complete NFUZD NSPIRE kit explained.

Video 4: Software Integration
This video takes you deeper into the NFUZD NSPIRE and the BFD ECO NFUZD software. Featuring:
• Building presets
• Sample and FX expansion kits
• Importing samples
• Exporting your NFUZD kit for the module - no computer necessary
• Back Beat Tracks / Loops

Video 5: Jukebox & BFD Record
John Emrich shows more features of the BFD Eco NFUZD Edition software.
• Jukebox: play along with music easily
• Record drum tracks only
• Record drums with the songs
• Easy file export

Video 6: Russ Miller demo NAMM 2016
Full video of Russ Miller's performance on the NFUZD at NAMM 2016.

Trigger Pads
The NSPIRE Series trigger pads install on your acoustic drums. Tom and snare trigger pads fit on the rims of all acoustic drums without removing rims or heads. The kick trigger pad mounts on the bass drum hoop just like any standard bass drum pedal and fits bass drum sizes of 18" and larger.

The ride and crash trigger pads mount just like acoustic cymbals, utilizing the included cymbal spin stopper which allows the natural motion of a cymbal while preventing the pad from spinning.

The NSPIRE Rock Full Pack is a complete kit with I/O Module and Trigger Pads. With 10", 12", 16" Tom Trigger Pads, a 14" Snare Trigger Pad, a Kick Trigger Pad that fits virtually any sized bass drum, as well as hi-hat, crash, and ride cymbal trigger pads, players can maintain the setup, feel, and spacing of their acoustic kit.

Limitless possibilities
As you can see in the videos, the NSPIRE Series I/O Module features an open architecture. You can import new samples and presets from BFD Eco NFUZD Edition into the module, as well as any expansion pack that can load into the software. You can easily create and bring your sounds on an USB thumb drive, load them into the module and leave your computer at home when gigging.
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