Videos Evans UV-1, Hydraulic Red and '56 Calftone drumheads D'Addario wins 5 Music & Sound Awards at Winter NAMM 2017 Videos Evans UV-1, Hydraulic Red and '56 Calftone drumheads Evans drumheads launched their main new drumhead line prior to the Winter NAMM Show, like many companies. With the new UV1 they tap into the marketing of durability of drumheads by using their new and patented UV-cured coating. This ultraviolet curing (UV curing) is a photochemical process in which high-intensity ultraviolet light is used to instantly cure or dry inks, coatings or adhesives. It provides better scratch and abrasion resistance, better chemical resistance, resistance to crazing hardness, elasticity and adhesion. D'Addario's product development spend years on testing and researching for the right coating that can be used on drumheads and stick to it.

By using light instead of heat, the UV curing process is based on a photochemical reaction. Liquid monomers and oligomers are mixed with a small percent of photo initiators, and then exposed to UV energy. In a few seconds, the products coatings instantly harden. Fun fact: UV curing is a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry.

Besides the durability, another benefit of the increased surface texture is the responsiveness and sensitivity for brush playing. Also the UV1 drumheads feature a new single ply 10mil film which, according to Evans, has warmer tonal characteristics and is more resistant to stretching and denting. It also features the Level 360 Technology.

Evans UV1 specs summary
  • Patented UV-cured coating provides unmatched durability and consistency
  • Made from a single ply of unique 10mil film
  • A single ply offers an open and expressive sound
  • Extremely versatile for a wide variety of musical applications
  • Level 360 Technology collar design ensures proper contact between drum head and drum shell
  • UV1 head sizes: 10", 12", 13", 14", 15", 16", 18"

Evans UV1 Presents Omar Hakim | Performance

Interview with Omar Hakim | Evans UV1

Evans Hydraulic Red
Already announced in June 2016, is the return of the Hydraulic Red drumheads. After 10 years of absence these red iconic heads are back in the Evans catalogue. During the 70's these original heads were used on many recordings, but now featuring the Level 360 Technology and two layers of 7mil film with a thin film of oil between them.

The sound is deep and it has a short sustain. Available sizes are 20" and 22" for bass drums, and 6" to 20" for toms. Also available in blue, black and glass.

Video Evans Hydraulic Red - NAMM 2017

Evans '56 Series Calftone heads
While introduced in 2016, the Calftone heads were on display again at NAMM 2017 as well. The Calftone heads are Evans' version of a synthetic calf skin. The vintage type drumhead has a warm, and fuzzy but focused tone. The looks are truly vintage and give the drums that classic but modern look. The '56' refers to the year 1956 that Evans was founded. Evans 56 are produced for all tom sizes. The bass drum 16" to 26". Bass drumheads are available as Calftone (single ply), EQ4 (with control ring) and an Emad version. Sizes range from 16" to 26".

Watch the videos to get a good impression of the Evans '56 Calftone drumheads and see them in action.

Video Evans '56 Series Calftone heads - NAMM 2016

Video Evans '56 Series Calftone heads - NAMM 2017

Music & Sound Awards
The D'Addario brands and company won five categories for 2016 in the 31st Annual Music & Sound Awards. In the photos you see Sergio Bonsignore and Elijah Navarro from D'Addario receiving two of the five Music & Sound Awards at NAMM 2017. Here are all the recognitions the company got in the music products industry for 2016.
  • Best Acoustic Drum Product of 2016
    D'Addario's Evans Drumheads' UV1 Drumhead Series
  • Best Percussion Accessory of 2016
    Promark By D'Addario's ActiveGrip Drumsticks
  • Manufacturer of the Year
    D'Addario & Co., Inc.
  • Best Strings of 2016
    D'Addario's Nickel Bronze Acoustic Strings
  • Outstanding Community Service Award
    D'Addario & Co., Inc.
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