On video: The Remo Powerstroke 77 Story Demoed with the Powerstroke 3 Black Dot by Thomas Lang The inspiration for the Remo Powerstroke 77 drumhead dates back to 1988 with a Marching head Remo was making at that time already. That 'old' clear marching head was being played and tested by Remo artists everywhere. Bob Yerby, Vice President Sales & Marketing for Remo, gives you the undisputable details and the secret behind the idea for the Powerstroke 77. A great story, giving great insights on how the Powerstroke 77 works on a drumset. The second video has Thomas Lang demoing this drumhead and the Powerstroke 3 Black Dot.

Powerstroke 3 Black Dot Bass Drumhead
Also new for 2015 is the Remo 'Powerstroke 3 Black Dot,' inspired by the legendary Steve Smith. It features a single 10-mil ply Mylar with a thin underlay ring at the outer edge of the head to subtly dampen unwanted overtones. The added 5-mil bottom Black Dot provides deeper low tones, focused attack and increased durability.

The P3BD is available in both Clear and Coated in sizes 18", 20", 22", 24", and 26".

Powerstroke 77 Snare Drumhead
The Powerstroke 77 snare drumhead consists of two free-floating plies of 7-mil film with a 7-mil inlay ring and a 5-mil top clear dot. This combination gives this drumhead clear response and projection, combined with warm full tones. The inlay ring reduces overtones, and the 5-mil top clear dot adds durability.

This Coated drumhead is available in sizes 10", 12", 13", and 14".

Amongst the artist playing the Powerstroke 77 and/or the Powerstroke 3 are: Aaron Spears, Alvin Ford Jr., Billy Rymer, Gerald Heyward, Stephen Perkins, Steve Carey, Steve Smith, Jared Shavelson and Tony Royster, Jr.
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