Ddrum videos with all the new for 2015 10th anniversary acoustic kit, the hybrids, The Hammer snare and much more In 2015 ddrum celebrates the 10th anniversary of the company's acoustic drums. Of the limited 'Greatest Hits'-kit are only 50 available: 25 in the USA and 25 for the rest of the world. A beautiful kit that marks the 10 acoustic years. But there was much more to see at the ddrum booth at NAMM 2015. Ddrum expanded the Hybrid CK series for 2015, the USA standard is now available in two configurations, there is a new line of premium brass snares, a new Reflex Bombardier and to top it all, there is are new D-Bone boom arms as well.

Felix DeLuna from ddrum shows you everything in the videos with this article. But here is the rundown with the most important specs of what you'll see in the videos.

10th Anniversary Drum Kit
  • Tom Drums: 7"x 10", 8"x 12", 13"x 14", 14"x 16"
  • Bass Drum: 20" x 22"
  • different is the combination of Maple and Alder wood that we know from the Reflex line. Alder combined with plies of maple give a more balanced sound for live and recording
  • 30 degree outer/ 45 inner bearing edges
  • black nickel hardware
  • check the Tattooed Lady snare in the video!
  • and the new D-Bone accessory boom arms in two different sizes
Hybrid CK and the Hybrid 5 (HYfi)
Ddrum expanded the Hybrid CK series for 2015. The Hybrid 5 has 18x22 kick drum, 6x14 snare as well as 7x10 and 8x12 rack toms, and a 14x16 floor tom. This is a fully functioning acoustic drum set, with the addition of the standard acoustic pro internal triggers (XLR direct into the shell).

USA standard
The new USA standard is offered in two pre-packaged configurations: Player and Powerhouse.
The drums feature ultra-thin, all-maple USA shells, which is the same shell used on the USA custom series. Available in: natural, black, amber and red. It comes with ddrum Mercury hardware.

Available Add-on (Powerhouse) drums are
  • Rack Toms: 7x8, 10x13
  • Floor Toms: 14x14, 16x18
  • Bass Drum: 18x22, 16x24
The Hammer - premium line brass snare
Felix DeLuna tells you all you need to know about this killer brass snare. The Hammer refers to Mjolnir, the hammer of the gods.

Main features
  • 6.5x14 brass shell
  • heavy copper shell
  • brass finish
  • mid-mount, turret lug
  • die cast hoops
  • chrome hardware
  • Dunnett throw off
  • ddrum by Evans drum head
The Bare Knuckle Brawler - premium line brass snare
This snare in ddrum’s new brass premium snare line is designed in conjunction with Barry Kerch of Shinedown.

Main features of The Bare Knuckle Brawler
  • 6x14 rolled brass shell with center bead
  • patina finish
  • tube lugs
  • triple flanged hoops
  • nickel hardware
  • Dunnett Throw off
  • ddrum by Evans drum heads
Reflex Bombardier
When big isn't big enough you get yourself the new ddrum Reflex Bombardier. With its 15x26 bass drum, 10x14 tom, 6.5x14 snare, 16x16 and 16x18 floor toms the depth of this kit goes deep. The Silver Sparkle Wrap allows it to be used in other settings as rock as well. Strange from ddrum to mention this, because deep drums are deep drums and a comapny like ddrum must sure be able to create custom finishes for all their drums. All 2015 models come standard with Fixtpitch suspension system.

Chrome Elite Tour Pack
Also new is the Chrome Elite Trigger Tour Pack. This trigger pack features the CE Chrome Elite Triggers with all cables necessary. Includes a snare cable to utilize Head and Rim shots separately. Everything comes in a heavy duty hard-shell travel case with foam interior.
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