Crush Drums videos of the new at NAMM 2015 More company structure, drum density and cool finishes Crush drums didn't develop a lot of new for 2015. Main reason for that is that companies also have to make strategic choices. This year Crush drums focused on their new distributor and getting the right product info across to the dealers and customers. It is always smart to invest in those things first. Instead of throwing new stuff on the market, Crush decided to focus on the sales and teach the key persons the Crush drums from scratch. Nevertheless, Crush always has something up their sleeve, this year visible in small but important changes and add-ons to the existing drums and finishes.

In five videos, Terry Platt, CEO and Co-founder of Crush Drums & Percussion, shows you the latest for Crush for 2015. Check out the very Crush Chameleon Complete Birch kit with custom black painted interiors for better projection and sensitivity. Or Crush's 4-point X-Suspension mounts for the toms and the Crush 'Claw Hook' aka the Hoop Saver to prevent your bass drum hoops from scratching. Below are the drums that the videos with this article focus on. In five 1-minute videos you know everything about Crush for 2015.

The videos feature

  • Chameleon Ash, with Interchangeable Chameleon Lug Inserts to allow you to choose what color combinations you'd like
  • Chameleon Complete Birch, the 100% Birch drum with custom black painted interiors for better projection and sensitivity
  • Sublime E3 series
  • Acrylic Series Drums, refined with denser shell material
  • The Eminent Birch, now available in: Silver/Blue Sparkle Faded, Red Sparkle, Satin Walnut Finish and a Satin Vintage White finish
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