Videos of Chronos Electronic drums at NAMM 2015 A kit tour and the trigger explained Chronos drums felt that playing electronic drums lacked the feel and performance of acoustic drums. The experience was non-fulfilling and failed to inspire. This all resulted in the manufacturing of Chronos Electronic drums. Debuting at the winter NAMM show 2015, we asked John Muzzio to take us through the drumset and the technique behind it. Although the pricing is quite high, the drums have no drum module yet and the cymbals are Zildjian's Gen 16, the drums did feel seriously alright when playing them quickly at the NAMM Show.

The company from Fremont, California has their 100% Birch shell Element Series Drums, available in pre-configured shell packs: 4, 5, 6 and 7 piece kits with standard Tom sizes. Each shell pack is available in 4 high gloss wood finishes.
  • Argon - Natural Wood
  • Iridium - Red Wood
  • Carbon - Black Wood
  • Tellerium - Aqua Wood
The Triggers
Chronos drums works with the Accu-Track Sensor System. The system picks up all you play from the center to the edge of the drumhead. Accu-Track is designed to work with any sound module or Trigger to MIDI interface (TMI).

Watch the second video to learn about these Accu-Track Sensor triggers.

Ballistech II 3-Ply Heads
The heads on the Chronos drums are made with a three-layer technique combining two types of woven material. With that, the drumhead is a lot quiter than any other head. And, as said above, the feel of these heads is quite alright.

Zildjian cymbals
With the Chronos Drums philosophy of Real Feel, Real Performance and Real Drums, the comnpany chose to integrate the Zildjian Gen 16 cymbals to complete the drumming experience. Why invent what has already been invented?

Chronos Hardware
Chronos drums are delivered with Chronos hardware as well. All come in chrome finish and the hardware include rack systems, hi-hat and snare stands, kick drum pedals, cymbal holders and even thrones.

Online shop
Chronos has its own online shop running on the website. Good to know the options are plenty. If you only want to buy a single drum, that is also possible. The web store is divided in the sections: Drum Components, Shell Packs, Kits + Hardware, Full Kits, Cymbals and Hardware.
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