Videos Dream cymbals and the Wambooka Affordable Chinese cymbals & bells Dream Cymbals doesn't have the company size of Sabian or even Soultone cymbals, but the company's products are already distributed in over 14 countries world wide. Dream cymbals started in 2005 and is the partnership of passionate Canadian instrument designers and Chinese gong smiths. Dream is also exclusive distributor of the Italian designed Wambooka, which is, simply put, a darbuka with water in it. An extraordinary instrument that gives great effects on recordings and on stage.

New Dream cymbals
In 2014 Dream announced their first cymbal pack. This 3-piece pack includes B20 hand hammered 14" Hi-Hat, a 16" Crash and a 20" Crash Ride. New for 2015 are the 18" Crash for the Ignition Series and 16" Hi-Hats for both the Contact series and the Energy series cymbals. Craig Snowden, Product Specialist from Dream Cymbals Canada, demos all the cymbals in the 3-piece pack and the new ones.

The Wambooka
Dream is the exclusive North American distributor of the Wambooka. The first introduction of the Wambooka to the world was at the 2014 London Drum Show. This Italian designed instrument is played dry, like a normal Darbuka, or you can turn it over and let the water determin the additional sound effects. Pretty cool idea and fun to play!

Watch the Wambooka in the second video with this article.
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