Videos of 90+ new 2014 Meinl Percussion products All the highlights in 8 minutes and 50 photos For 2014, Meinl Percussion added not less then 90 new items to their already extensive product catalog. From the new Floatune Series Congas, the Tongo Carved Djembes, the Jumbo Bass Cajon, the 'Village' Djembes to the new Woodcraft Cajons - all is new, improved or have been given new additions to existing product lines. Amazing to see, hear and feel so much musicality from all the products from the German percussion manufacturer. In three videos, German Baratto from Meinl USA takes you through the highlights. Check out more new Meinl products in the 50 images with this article.

One of the eye-catching features that was talked about the most at NAMM 2014, was the huge Meinl wall of cajons that covered the full width of the Meinl Percussion booth and counting 120 Meinl cajons. Pictures of the front and back of the wall are included, just like all the products we're mentioning below. Watch the three videos in which German Baratto gives all the information about the products and demos some of these products.

Meinl Percussion - Video I

Headliner Series Rope Tuned Wood Djembes
All djembes are carved from one solid piece of plantation grown Mahogany Wood. Meinl only uses certified Indonesian Legal Wood. The drums have hand selected goat heads, pre-stretched PP nylon ropes and are brown with Python design.

Available in:
  • Small size: 8" diameter, 15 3/4" tall
  • Medium: 10" diameter, 20" tall
  • Large: 12" diameter, 24" tall
  • XL: 13" diameter, 25" tall

Pro African Style "Village" Djembe
Meinl developed a compact and lightweight version of the large version of this model. It is lightweight and both djembes are carved from one solid piece of plantation grown Mahogany Wood. The 'Village' also has hand selected goat heads, but pre-stretched HTP nylon rope and is brown with the new Village carvings. It measures a 10" diameter and is 20" tall.

Travel Series Rope Tuned Djembes
These Rope Tuned Djembes come in a Pharaoh‘s Script design and the Kenyan Quilt design. The synthetic lightweight shell makes it comfortable to carry around. You can either choose between a hand selected goat head or synthetic head and the ropes are pre-stretched HTP nylon.

Available in:

  • Small: 8" diameter, 16" tall
  • Medium: 10" diameter, 20" tall
  • Large: 12" diameter, 24" tall
  • XL: 14" diameter, 26" tall

Tongo Carved Djembes
The Tongo's are made of 1-piece Mahogany Wood. The cow heads are durable and capable of holding a very high pitch without breaking.

Available in:

  • Medium: 10" diameter, 20" tall
  • Large: 12" diameter, 24" tall

Floatune Series Congas
This is the 2014 rebirth of a Meinl classic - in high gloss natural finish. The well selling Floatunes has the unique Meinl innovation that has no drilling through the shell. Hence, the shells resonates better.


  • 10" Nino, 11" Quinto, 12" Conga, 13" Tumba; all are 30" tall
  • Floatune System
  • Rubber Wood
  • Natural, high gloss

Fibercraft Series Bongos
These bongos fit to the new Fibercraft congas in black that Meinl released in 2014. These two together make a great complete setup.


  • 7" Macho & 8 1/2" Hembra
  • Premium Fiberglass

Radial Ply Construction Bongos
RAPC stands for Radial Ply Construction. Meinl follows the popular demand of natural wood finishes for Bongos. The Walnut veneer for the new Meinl RAPC Bongo is one of the first in this trend.

Details of the RAPC Bongos:

  • 6 ¾" Macho & 8" Hembra
  • 5 layer plywood
  • True Skin Cow Heads
  • Free Ride System
  • Walnut, high gloss

Classic Series Surdos
Meinl's new surdo drums in three sizes: 16"x20", 18"x22", 20"x24". These drums are made from aluminum with traditional rims. The plain shell lets you do anything you want with it; for instance, use your own club logo on it. The very light weight makes them comfortable to carry around when using them for the traditional street purposes.

Classic Series Surdos available in: 16"x20", 18"x22", 20"x24"

Meinl Percussion - Video II

Jumbo Bass Cajon
The new Jumbo Bass Cajon is two inch wider than the Subwoofer cajon. This beat box has a deep and cut through bass. The internal construction is precisely fine-tuned for a voluminous and well balanced sound spectrum. The MDF body is featured in brown, which fits to the Walnut frontplate. On the backside is a little indentation to carry the instrument.


  • Eco-friendly medium density fibreboard body
  • Walnut frontplate
  • Internal snares
  • Forward sound projection
  • Bigger sized for more volume
  • Extrem bass tones

Artisan Edition Flamenco Cajon
This is the new and sixth cajon in the Meinl Artisan line. The body is made from 15mm strong solid Tulip Poplar, combined with a noble Indian Heartwood. The backplane is 2.8mm and features a sound port ring for compression. The 16 vertical strings on the inside are adjustable on 2 independent tuning screws. Notice the ergonomically curved and rounded frontplate with concave contact.

All details:

  • 15mm solid Tulip Poplar body
  • Indian Heartwood frontplate
  • 16 adjustable, vertical strings
  • Two independet tunging screws
  • Ergonomically curved and rounded corners
  • Decorative wood inlay
  • Extra sound port ring for compression
  • Full bass spectrum
  • Detailed with hot-branding logo
  • Made in Spain

Modern Snare Cajon
The thin and flexible Walnut veneer of this cajon gives a wide sound spectrum from cutting slaps to rich bass tones. The wood grain gives every cajon its unique look. The snares on the inside are fully adjustable.


  • Rubber Wood body
  • Walnut frontplate
  • Adjustable snare wires

Woodcraft Cajon
The Woodcraft cajons are also new for 2014. They have dual internal snares to give full body from soft finger rolls to cutting slaps. The 100% Baltic Birch body is 12mm with 11 plies. It is available with a Rustic Birch or Ovangkol frontplate with adjustable top corners for more sound options. All Woodcraft Series Cajons feature a classic matte lacquer finish.

More details:

  • 12" W x 19 ¼" H x 12" D
  • 3 mm strong back wall
  • Detailed with hot-branding logo
  • Made in Europe

Meinl Percussion - Video III

Turbo Slaptop Cajon
The 2014 Turbo Slaptop Cajon has a larger body for more volume. The built in two snares on both sides give more playing options. The sound ports of the snares are placed in the front for more audience experience. It features a thin walnut faceplate and the body is also made from eco-friendly MDF. This new version is part of the M.I.P.A. winning Subwoofer Cajons series. (M.I.P.A. = MusikMesse International Press Award)

More details:

  • Forward sound projection of the snares
  • Forward sound projection of the bass

Mini Cajons
The highly succesful Mini Cajons have thin frontplates, Baltic Birch for the best sound option. They come in a natural body or almond birch frontplate and vice versa..


  • 5 3/4" W x 8 3/4" H x 5 3/4" D
  • Baltic Birch body
  • SCAJ1LB-NT: Baltic Birch frontplate
  • SCAJ1NT-LB: Almond Birch frontplate
  • Compact size
  • Built-in sizzle effect
  • Great gift idea

Cajon Backpack & Cajon Backpack Pro
A variation on the classic cajon bags are the backpacks: you can the cajon on your back. The bags are made from nylon, while the PRO version features an extra wide pocket and is also available in a vintage beige color. Both bags hold any classic cajons up to 20 ½" height and 12" width. They mesure 12" Width x 20 ½" Height x 12" Diameter.

Motion Shaker & Foot Shaker
You can mount these shakers on your finger or foot with a strap and an ergo shaped cap for more comfort. The idea came from the existing black UFO shaker and has the filling of the grey version for more attack. The foot shaker is easily mountable by with the adjustable strap.

Techno Shakers
The Techno shakers are the result of experimenting with the sound quality of Formica. Different shapes and sizes were tested and resulted in these set of two shakers.


  • Rubber Wood and Formica
  • Compact size
  • Easy to control
  • Cutting shaker sounds
  • Made for precise control

Sea Drum
The Sea drums have some improvements for 2014. Meinl Percussion changed the filling and mixed some smaller balls for well balanced sounds. The inside of the frame is coated with a special lacquer to let the metal balls produce more attack when hitting the frame. The 22" size is also added to the range of sea drums.

22" Sea Drum details:

  • 22" x 2 ¾"
  • Rubber Wood frame
  • Clear Mylar and goat skin heads
  • Improved frame on the inside
  • Mixed filling for well balanced sounds

Pro Rainstick
The long awaited pro version of a Meinl rain stick with extremely long susurration. It has Rattan wraps around a natural Bamboo stick. Available in an XL version (48"-120 cm).

Stereo Didgeridoo
Another variation on an existing product of Meinl Percussion. Based on the Travel Didgeridoo, the Stereo Didgeridoo has two sound ports on the left and right, straight back to the players ears. This is perfect for practicing or self-meditation. The body is made of Mahogany Wood.


  • 9 ½" x 4 ¾"
  • Mahogany
  • Compact size
  • Sound enters both ears equally
  • Ideal for practicing or self-meditation
  • Tuned in C

Turbo Crasher
The first version of Meinl's Turbo Crasher was a big hit. Its new brother has a different size and sound. It is smaller and has metal sheets of 0.5mm thick where the earlier version has 1mm and 1.5mm sheets. The result: a much darker and trashier sound.


  • Extra thin metal sheets
  • Medium size
  • Cutting crasher sounds
  • Easy mountable
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