TRX launching over-sized BRTseries cymbals Also new 21" crash-ride model for LTD series TRX launches over-sized BRTseries cymbals plus adds new 21\ TRX (pronounced “turks”) Cymbal Company has expaned its popular BRT Series. At Winter NAMM 2009 show, TRX presented larger, more powerful cymbals, including a 24" ride, 21" and 22" crashes and 15" hi-hats. Comments TRX spokesperson David Levine:

“In the past, the biggest crash cymbals were 20" and only the most aggressive players were using them. We recently began noticing that more and more drummers were playing the bigger sizes and some were even using 21" and 22" ride cymbals as crashes. But ride cymbals aren’t designed to be crash cymbals. It’s just not the right sound. So, we developed these larger crashes and matched them with a bigger ride and hi-hats.”

TRX’s BRT series cymbals are custom-crafted and hand-hammered by Turkish cymbalsmiths and feature heavier weights and a highly-polished surface. The line is available as crash, splash, ride, hi-hat and china models.

Crash-Ride LTD model
TRX has also announced a new 21½" Crash-Ride LTD model, in answer to the requests of many drummers for a larger cymbal in TRX' LTD series.

The LTD cymbal series, which was previously only available in 18½" and 20" crash-rides and 14½" hi-hats, employs three different types of finishes in three different areas of the cymbal— natural bell, lathed and hammered face and highly-polished edge.

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