TRX Cymbals launch Rising Stars program Company to support up-and-coming drummers TRX Cymbals launch Rising Stars program to support up-and-coming drummers The TRX Cymbal Co. has announced the introduction of a new program to support up-and-coming drummers called Rising Stars.

According to company president, David Levine, the project has been developed to provide TRX’s high-quality, custom made Turkish cymbals to talented, young players who are currently establishing their credentials and building solid reputations in the studio and on the road. Comments Levine:
"Tomorrow’s legends are in the trenches today — track by track and show by show — but they’re definitely on the rise. Just like TRX."

Among the first players to join the TRX Rising Stars project are:

  • John Kline (Rise Of Caligula)
  • Chris Phillips (Northwest Royale)
  • Nicolino Maiellano (Showin' Tell)
  • Ray Merckx (Bound By Nothing)
  • Julia Kwong (Smut Peddlers)
  • Jared Ribble (Denver & the Mile High Orchestra)
  • Joshua Neal (Type Nine)
  • Tony Kempa (Perfect Red)
  • Joshua Sparks (Damiera)
  • Tyrel McCoy (independent)

Are you a Rising Star? Tell TRX Cymbals why and send your bio, photo, website, myspace and contacts to

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