Next Great Drummer to visit San Fransisco Drumming competition touring the United States The Next Great Drummer competition, in San Francisco on November 16, 2010, is started and produced by accomplished drummer and producer Eric Seats Tomorrow, on November 16, 2010, the Next Great Drummer will be in San Francisco. This drummer competition enables drummers to show their stuff, during a two minute solo which is judged by celebrity drummers.

The drummers' performance is critiqued based upon factors such as synchronization, presence, and technique. Winners of the local competitions have an opportunity to become part of a national drummer band, participate in jazz festivals, and become part of a network for drummers.

Accomplished drummer to the stars Isaac "Bam" Richardson will be the host of the show.

Semi finals are held annually at Knott's Berry Farm and was covered by ABC's On The Red Carpet earlier this year when Patti LaBelle was a judge along with other celebrity drummers.

Drummers can still register for the San Francisco Next Great Drummer show by visiting: or sending an email to:

The Next Great Drummer show follows aspiring drummers in an American tour, covering contestants as they compete for the title of "top drummer" in their city, followed by a national competition for the country's Next Great Drummer.

The show is currently touring to venues across the United States with plans already in the works for Japan and Europe.

Started and produced by Eric Seats, Next Great Drummer is sponsored by Sam Ash, Vater percussion, Papa John's, Izze, Spaun, and Comfort Suites.
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