Scholarships of KoSA's 13th percussion camp Five full-time scholarship winners awarded Scholarship winners of KoSA\'s 13th percussion camp; Five full-time scholarships awarded For the thirteenth year now, the serene countryside of Vermont roared to life with the thunderous sounds of drums and percussion in the village of Castleton. KoSA International Percussion Workshops and Festival held its annual drum camp this past July 30th to August 3rd at Castleton State College.

Established by Montreal percussionist Aldo Mazza, KoSA's theme this year encouraged all who attended this unique event to "change their world" by furthering their knowledge in what KoSA promised to be a magical "fix" of drums and percussion.

For the fourth consecutive year, KoSA awarded full scholarships to
attend their annual event. This was done as an international contest in collaboration with Modern Drummer magazine.

The prize package included full tuition, as well as room and board.
Winning entries were chosen on the basis of the excellence of their
200-word essay describing why attending KoSA's Workshop was important to them.

Five full-time scholarships were awarded to: David Cifelli, Maxwell Gratzer, Adam Jones, Tony Mortillaro and Daniel Reiff.

The 2008 KoSA Scholarships are courtesy of the following companies: Evans, Mapex, ProMark, Tama, and Hudson Music.

2008's winners experienced a thrilling week of intense, hands-on
percussion training with some of the finest artists in the world,
including Memo Acevedo, Cyro Baptista, Ignacio Berroa, Gordon
Gottlieb, Marco Lienhard, Allan Molnar, Jonathan Mover, Bobby Sanabria, Chester Thompson, Glen Velez, and Nancy Zeltsman.

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