Posthumous record deal for Disturbing Foresights Album gets released 15 years after recording it Disturbing Foresights tekent postuum platendeal met Deity Down Records. Album verschijnt 15 jaar na opnames Disturbing Foresights, one of the first Dutch bands to blend hardcore punk and metal, have signed with Deity Down Records, although they disbanded in 1996.

In 1993 drummer Cor Hoogerdijk and the rest of the band entered Excess studios to record their full-length debut album 'De-Grunged'.

After the band's lead vocalist parted ways, then label GAP-Records got cold feet and the recordings never got released.

Disturbing Foresights toured Europe twice and released one last single before calling it quits in 1996.

Now, 15 years after the recording, former members Cor (drums and backing vox), Iwan (vocals), Koen (bass and backing vox) and Bas (guitars) will finally see their 1993 recordings by the name of 'De-Grunged' released, thanks to an agreement with Deity Down. The original 1993 takes will be mastered by their original producer Pieter "Pidah" Kloos.
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