Desolate Ways is back with former members Drummer Igo Menegaz returns to the line-up Doom metal band Desolate Ways had anoter line-up change. Drummer Ricardo Giordano left the band to dedicate his time to other musical projects. After some tests with other drummers they decided that the best option was to call Igo Menegaz, who returns to the band as the bassist Rodrigo Fernandes did last year.

Elizeu Hainzenreder, guitarist of the band, says:
"We are very satisfied with the return of Igo as Desolate Ways' drummer. We are a band which has the luck that all the members were are childhood friends, it makes us a real family. The concerts to promote Tearful will continue untill the end of the year, when we will concentrate on the new album."

The return of the former line-up can be checked in the 3-day festival River Rock ( in 10, 11, and August 12th, where Desolate Ways will play with 32 other South-American rock/metal bands.

Samples of the new album are available in the band's MySpace page at

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