Rikets in mixing mode Angel and band plan a fall release Rikets in mixing mode Ohio's Rikets, featuring Drummerszone.com endorser Angel on drums, have begun mixing their new album, 'All American Death Cult', with Ben Schigel (Chimaira, Walls of Jericho). The cd was produced by Eric Delegard (Unloco, Edgewater) and Rikets in Denton, Texas at Reel Time Audio.

'All American Death Cult' includes a remake of the song Cry Little Sister, the theme song from the '80s cult classic movie "The Lost Boys", featuring guest vocals by the original creator Gerard McMann.

Rikets have begun shopping for new management and a label for a fall release. A new rough mix of the song House of Lies has been added to the band's myspace page. There you can find the first dates for their summer tour as well.
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