Vader recording 25th anniversary release Drummer Daray nailing down drum parts in Hertz Studio Vader drummer Daray (real name: Darek Brzozowski) Vader, currently featuring Daray (real name: Darek Brzozowski) on drums, have entered Hertz Studio in Poland to re-record 25 of the best songs from their entire discography for a 25th anniversary release, to be issued in 2008.

The set will also include a dvd containing tons of bonus features, such as archival recordings, live shows, video clips and other special material. Comments guitarist/vocalist Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek:
"Me and Daray arrived to the Hertz Studio on 15th March to start recordings of an album, which is very special indeed. This is gonna be 25 songs taken from Vader's early records. We [are focusing] mostly on [the albums] 'The Ultimate Incantation', 'De Profundis', 'Black to the Blind', 'Litany', [and] also mini albums released in between. (...) For the first time, the songs from such differently produced records will be available on one album. All the songs we will [record] from scratch, so they'll sound more fresh, more or less re-arranged. Of course, we're gonna put some never-before-released very old stuff but... this is 'top secret' at the moment. Interesting might be also guests from world's metal scene, who will appear on the album on various songs."

This means that current Vader drummer Daray will have to record parts originally played by Vader's legendary original drummer Krzysztof "Doc" Raczkowski. Daray joined the group in March 2005. On August 20, 2005 Doc unexpectedly passed away, just a few months after leaving Vader.

Vader's latest album, "Impressions in Blood", entered the Polish national chart at position No. 8. You can download a full-length mp3 of the song Warlords at this location. The band's video for the song Helleluyah (God Is Dead) has been posted online at

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