This weekend: the first UK Drum Show in Manchester With Thomas Lang, Simon Phillips, JR Robinson and many others The first UK Drum Show in Manchester - With Thomas Lang, Simon Phillips, JR Robinson and many others It is this weekend, September 23 and 24, that the first ever UK Drum Show takes place at Manchester Central in Manchester, UK. And the line-up, including everything the show offers more on clinics, learning and masterclasses, is just spectacular. The two day drum show could easily be sold out with just the artists on the main stage, but there is much more to do, see and experience. Here is the complete program of the weekend, including the Remo Drummernight.

Main Stage Schedule The UK Drum Show 2017

The UK Drum Show 2017 - Saturday, September 23, 2017
  • 11:15 Thomas Lang
  • 13:00 Dennis Chambers
  • 15:00 Emmanuelle Caplette
  • 17:00 JR Robinson
The UK Drum Show 2017 - Sunday, September 24, 2017
  • 11:15 George Kollias
  • 13:00 Gerald Heyward
  • 15:00 Craig Blundell & Michael Schack
  • 17:00 Simon Phillips
International Clinic Room @ The UK Drum Show 2017
The International Clinic Room at the show is just another live room offering a wide range of clinics.
Admission to the clinics are free in association with a general day or weekend ticket to the show.

UK Drum Show Clinic Room Schedule - Saturday
  • 10:15 Lea Mullen and Andy Treacey
  • 12:00 Jost Nickel
    14:00 Tommy Aldridge
Clinic Room Schedule - Sunday
  • 10:15 Jost Nickel
  • 12:00 Felix Lehrmann
  • 14:00 Jarrod Cagwin
Tickets The UK Drum Show 2017

Remo Drummernight
Tickets Remo Drummernight

Remo Drummernight is back!
Drummer's Night of the year on September 23, 2017
In 2008, Remo hosted Drummernight, that took place in the evening of drum festival Drummer Live! during the London International Music Show. This year, as part of the new UK Drum Show on the 23rd September 2017 in Manchester, the second edition will feature 17 of the major ambassadors of the drumming world:
  • Karl Brazil
  • John "JR" Robinson
  • Steve White
  • John Thomson
  • Al Murray
  • Mike Dolbear
  • Alexis Nunez
  • Thomas Lang
  • Jeremy Stacey
  • Andy Gangadeen
  • Joe Donovan
  • Ralph Salmins
  • Jamie Morrison
  • Simon Phillips
  • Tommy Aldridge
  • Gary Wallis
  • Matty Brown
The Mike Dolbear Masterclass Room
The UK Drum Show also has The Mike Dolbear Masterclass room. The masterclass room has a maximum of 400 visitors, and entrance to this room is free, on a first come first serve basis. Mike Dolbear, online pioneer and committed educator to all things drumming is at the very epicentre of the drum community.

Masterclass Schedule - Saturday
  • 10:15 Young Drummer of the Year (Anmol Mohara)
  • 12:15 Bob Knight
  • 14:00 Adam Betts
  • 16:00 Craig Blundell
Masterclass Schedule - Sunday
  • 10:15 Young Drummer of the Year (Anmol Mohara)
  • 12:15 Richard Jupp
  • 14:00 Jay Postones
  • 16:00 Phil Gould
Learning @ The UK Drum Show 2017
The UK Drum Show has a complete education programm where Roland presents lessons with Thomas Lang, Craig Blundell and Michael Schack. And, in addition to their main stage performances, Thomas Lang, Craig Blundell and Michael Schack, will appear in a dedicated Roland Room on the second floor at the 2017 show.

Each artist will be providing two lessons each day, with the first of each being aimed at beginners and their second appearance being intermediate/advance. You can book a lesson with any of these drumming greats for just £5 for a 45 minute lesson, limited to 18 students per class.

Roland Lessons Schedule - Saturday
  • 10.15am Craig Blundell
  • 12.15pm Michael Schack
  • 01.15pm Thomas Lang
  • 02.15pm Craig Blundell
  • 03.15pm Michael Schack
  • 04.15pm Thomas Lang
Roland Lessons Schedule - Sunday
  • 10.15am Craig Blundell
  • 11.15am Michael Schack
  • 12.15pm Craig Blundell
  • 01.15pm Michael Schack
  • 02.15pm Thomas Lang
  • 04.00pm Thomas Lang
Thomas Lang Lessons
Beginners Class
"I will teach beginners/amateur players how to set goals and achieve them in their practice, and I will demonstrate applied rudiments on the kit, something visitors to The UK Drum Show can immediately try on their kits, keeping the lesson as interactive as possible".

Intermediate/Advance Class
"For the more advanced players, we will learn about the approach to applying independence in modern drum set playing, particularly in groove-contexts, I call it "21st Century Beats". Thomas will also get into advanced foot technique in connection with the applied independence and coordination explanations.

Craig Blundell's Lessons
Beginners Class
Craig will illustrate how to make the most of your left foot when playing grooves, along with how to warm effectively and much more.

Intermediate/ Advance Class
How the brain is wired, fill composition and how to work your weaker side.

Free advice on becoming a drum teacher
Dave Hazelwood of Backbone Drums and Tunbridge Wells Music School will be offering show visitors free advice when it comes to becoming a drum teacher, across the weekend of The UK Drum Show.

Dave Major - YouTube Educator and Clinician
Appearing on Saturday on the second floor, teacher, YouTube educator and clinician Dave Major will be bringing his unique and energetic teaching style to the UK Drum Show.

60 Second Lick
Ever wondered how to get the best of social media with promoting yourself as a drummer? The Drummer's Database and Sixty Second Lick, the online video community with their 134,000 + page followers, will be shooting your 60 seconds of fame at The UK Drum Show over the weekend of 23rd & 24th September at Manchester Central, in association with our friends at Natal Drums and D'Addario UK.

So, if you want to demonstrate your chops at The UK Drum Show and ask the guys from 60 Second Lick how to maximise and promote your own playing ability and skills to the world, tips and advice will be flowing from Bob Wynne Drums in association with Natal Drums, Evans Drumheads, Promark and Meinl Cymbals.

Vintage Room with Nick Hopkin & Gary Astridge
Online publisher and vintage drum expert Nick Hopkin will appear in a dedicated vintage room at this year's The UK Drum Show. Nick will be displaying a variety of rare and vintage drums for visitors to view and within this dedicated room for yester years, will be some of the most iconic drums from British music history.

Beatles era drum gear historian and curator Gary Astridge will show Ringo Starr's Beatles Drum Era Kits on Saturday, with the drum kits and gear that Ringo Starr used during his career with the Beatles.

On Sunday Gary shows you The World's Most Famous Snare Drum: Ringo's first Ludwig snare drum that was purchased in 1963 and immediately became his favorite. It was used on the majority of Beatles recordings and interestingly, this Oyster Black Pearl Jazz Festival model snare drum has certain characteristics that make it extremely rare. To date, there are only four other snare drums known to exist in the world with identical specifications. Learn what they are and why.

Tickets & Info The UK Drum Show 2017
23rd - 24th September 2017
Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm
Tickets The UK Drum Show 2017

Remo Drummernight
Tickets Remo Drummernight

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Windmill Street
M2 3GX
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