DW Drums' first full Stainless Steel drum kit Watch the beauty of 1.5mm rolled steel shells DW Drums' first full Stainless Steel drum kit For the first time in the DW Drums Collector's Series there is a full Stainless Steel kit drum that is being produced. And DW is custom, so you can order any of the steel drums in the sizes that are listed below. The shells are 1.5mm rolled stainless steel with folded bearing edges. Folding a round piece of metal is a difficult technical task, but DW already nailed this with their stainless steel snare drums years ago. The bigger sized drums are a natural follow-up to the snare drum line DW already has. While the combination with DW's Moon Mic makes at least the picture look better, the drums are plain beauty in drum-craftsmanship that easily matches all DW's unique wood finishes.

As of 2017, a huge range of sizes for toms and bass drums is added to the Steel-program so that you can order a complete and full drum set to your specs. The video below shows the visual beauty of a 6-piece drum kit made out of one of the heaviest materials there are for drums.

The sound of the drums is warm, open and has great body with a steady low. Even when you are hesitant about playing this material, these drums might give you another perspective when trying and experiencing the sound and feel of it. The drums can be complemented by one of the five custom shop hardware colors DW offers. All the available Stainless Steel sizes are listed below the video we shot at Winter NAMM 2017.

DW Drums Stainless Steel drum kit

Stainless Steel toms and bass drums
  • 7x8 inch
  • 8x10"
  • 9x12"
  • 10x13"
  • 12x14" Floor tom
  • 14x16" Floor tom
  • 16x18" Floor tom
  • 18x22"
  • 18x23"
  • 16x24"
  • 14x26"

Stainless Steel snare drums
  • 4.5x13 inch
  • 5.5x13"
  • 6.5x13"
  • 4.5x14"
  • 5.5x14"
  • 6.5x14"
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