Virgil Donati starts IceFish Project on Pledge Music International progressive collaboration asks for funding Virgil Donati starts IceFish Project on Pledge Music Virgil Donati's IceFish Project is a new progressive rock/metal project on Pledge Music. The band features, besides drummer Virgil Donati, Marco Sfogli on guitars, Alex Argento on keyboards and Andrea Casali on bass and vocals. And what you get through projects on Pledge Music is just what you pay for. Need only the music? Then pay for that. When in need of a heroic private concert, it costs $15,000, plus some more.

In return for your payments, the artists pledge for "carefully crafted power melodies, soaring vocals, and intricate hard-rocking rhythms. Add in state-of-the-art production - and you get a truly inspiring collection of tunes worth listening to again and again."

IceFish Pledge Music Promo

When you pre-order through the IceFish Pledge Music page, you'll see clips from the rehearsals in HD. The band is also posting interviews, production tips/lessons, and more throughout the journey.
The IceFish Project is also offering extras as: play along versions of the tunes (with video), a full behind-the-scenes movie, Skype lessons with any of the guys.

It all depends on the kind of fan you are, but you can make it as crazy as you want. Click here to see all that is available.

IceFish is an international collaboration between musicians on two sides of the globe. Virgil lives and works in Los Angeles, while Marco, Alex, and Andrea are Italian musicians living in Italy. Each with a worldwide fan base.
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