Vic Firth honored by thousands around the globe The world pays respect to the founder of the Vic Firth Company Two days after the death of Vic Firth, social media are still loading with messages paying respect to the founder of the famous sticks and mallet manufacturing company. We have collected a few of them, posted by companies, well known artists or by lesser known people; all wrote something beautiful, just to commemorate one of the biggest icons the music industry has known. And nothing less is true: Vic Firth, his music, his work, his company and his great personality, all have left a timeless mark in music and will continue to do so for many decades to come.

Enjoy these stories and messages below, celebrating the live and work of Everett "Vic" Firth.

Remo Belli
"We, as well as the rest of the musical world, are saddened by the passing of Vic Firth an exceptional person indeed."
- Remo D. Belli

Ray Luzier
My deepest condolences go out to Vic's family & friends. I met Vic a few times at Namm shows, what an incredibly sweet & genuinely great human.

He's done so much for the drumming community.. His legacy will live on forever. I'm honored to endorse his creations, he will live on through all of us celebrating him through our playing!

Mark Schulman
RIP dear Vic! We will miss you. NAMM Oral History interview.

Sheila E.
Vic was an inspiration to all of us. He was a visionary, a mentor, a leader and a friend. He always said he surrounded himself with the best people, but the truth is he brought out the best in all of us. His boundless passion for music and musicians drove every decision he made.

Vic's spirit and legacy will continue to live at the core of the Vic Firth Company. He will be missed beyond words.

Ralph Peterson Jr
Long Live Vic Firth....

A man who lived the immutable truth that you cannot love music and NOT show love and respect to musicians.
May your spirit RIP and your vision continue as you would want.

Thank you for all you gave as a musician and businessman and supporter of drummer OF ALL STYLE.

Jack DeJohnette
The drum community mourns the loss of Vic Firth, percussionist with the Boston Symphony and also manufacturer of drum accessories for a lot of the great drummers. Most importantly, he was a great person and will be missed. RIP.

Tama Drums
We at Tama wish to extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Vic Firth, who passed this weekend.

His genius as a classical percussionist is legendary—a career that led him to the passion for which many us came to learn his name: That of drumstick innovator. Vic was a friend and collaborator with Tama, helping to develop the Tama By Vic Firth line of marching drum sticks and mallets.

As a musician, teacher, entrepreneur and visionary, he was a true inspiration to us all and we pay tribute to his abiding legacy.

Rest in peace, Vic. You will be missed.

SABIAN (Andy Zildjian)
Vic Firth and my Dad were great friends. RZ helped Vic start his business and with great humor and compassion, helped him build it.

From the days of Vic having his mother in-law winding mallets in the family garage, to finally seeing Vic take his own booth space at the Frankfurt fair, these two had a great 'wise guy' friendship.

There were only a very few people in the industry who could get away with saying the things these two said to each other, all in great fun. Some would say that they were the personification of the 'Waldorf and Statler' characters from the Muppet show; two curmudgeons who enjoyed ribbing each other on a daily basis.
The best part of that friendship, from my view, was being able to listen to both of these close friends talk and laugh together and enjoy each other's company.
No question Vic has made a difference in the industry; his innovative designs, sharp focus on quality and his support of players and educators have set standards that are the benchmark for todays industry. For those of us who were lucky enough to have called him a friend, we will miss him, his stories, his sense of humor and his presence in our lives.

Love to his daughters Kelly and Tracy, and his Wife Olga, who are some of the nicest people I have ever met.
~ Andy Z ~

Dave Weckl
It was around 1982/83.
I had been playing Vic Firth sticks for a while, mostly 5As and SD4s. I had just gotten the gig with French Toast (Michel Camilo, Anthony Jackson, Lew Soloff, Sammy Figueroa, etc.), and was playing at Mikell's at 96th and Columbus Ave. (NYC).

Without my knowing it, Vic came to the show. He introduced himself afterwards. It was the beginning of a a treasured relationship both professionally and personally. I will always cherish our times together - all the wonderful conversations, the support, and the advice. Especially the caring.

Thanks Vic for being the kind, loving, honest person you were to me. Thanks for the great sticks and products, and always making sure I was OK - professionally and personally.

Miss you already. Onward...

Daniel Glass
Vic Firth (1930 - 2015)
Today we lost a true giant. We all knew him as a titan of percussion performance (50+ years with the Boston Symphony), a pioneer of drum education, and of course, the founder and namesake of one of drumming's best known and most popular brands. His name has become so synonymous with our industry that decades from now, drummers will continue to clamor for his products without knowing that there actually was a man behind the brand.

These are incredible measures of success. But Vic, I'd like to take a moment to share with you how GRATEFUL I am for the personal attributes that made you just as legendary: your warm smile, your welcoming demeanor, your meticulous attention to detail, your demand for quality, your warm and generous heart, your support in helping me to share my own vision with the world, and most importantly, your unshakable BELIEF in music, in all its glorious varieties.

We all owe you a huge debt of gratitude, and we will miss you terribly

Gary Husband
I am shocked and deeply saddened his morning to hear of the passing of the legendary, inspirational, icon, innovator and true gentleman Mr Vic Firth.

I remember meeting this lovely man in the mid '80s - an isolated occasion. He was there for the entire gig and offered beautiful and warm comments to me afterwards. Decades later I met him once again at a London Zildjian Artist Session, and he remembered me, and the occasion, to the button. Amazing. Just amazing.

However, at this sad time I would like to express my deepest and most heartfelt condolences to all nearest and dearest to dear Vic, to all who loved him, worked with him... also to all those who (like me) had the honour of meeting him only fleetingly and being touched by his warm, sincere and totally benevolent spirit.

I'm sure, like me, you will never have forgotten it. He very evidently never forgot us!

Rest in peace dear Vic, thank you so much for all you did and all you will always continue to stand for.

Stanton Moore
It is with a heavy heart that I say the drumming and percussion world just lost an absolute GIANT... Vic Firth

One of the classiest and most charismatic people I've ever met... Vic always made me want to strive to be a better version of myself.

I'm proud to have known him and to have been accepted into his family of artists.

RIP Vic, there will never be another one like you and you will be sorely missed...

Thomas Lang
Thank you Vic for the wonderful years of support and friendship. You were a true maverick and original. We will miss you.

Jay Wanamaker
Rest in Peace Vic Firth. You will be missed my friend.

Sam Ruttenberg
The drumming world has lost one of its greatest people. Vic of the great timpani players, the founder of the Vic Firth Company (the world's largest selling drumstick company, a believer in my vision to help drummers, and a really beautiful guy. My prayers go out to his immediate family and all the people who worked closely with him every day at VFC.

Drum Channel Brasil
É com imenso pesar que comunicamos o passamento de Everett "Vic" Firth.

Bill Bachman
I'm very sad to learn of Vic Firth's passing today. He was a visionary and extremely hard worker. There was no lack of passion for both making the very best product and percussion education. It's an honor to have been with his company for nearly 20 years.

Here's to another 40 or so! Thanks Vic Firth.

Andy Tamulynas
What an unbelievable guy. The sheer volume of memories & stories flooding in to VF from every imaginable channel is... staggering.

You've left one hell of a mark on this world, sir!

Todd Sucherman
Cheers to being home...
Cheers to Mr. Vic Firth (RIP)...
Cheers to you all...

Cherisse Osei
RIP Vic Firth. Thank you, Vic, for all you have contributed to the world of drumming. Throughout the years Vic was always so kind, supportive and warm when me and Emily DeeDee had the pleasure of meeting him.

Sending all my love to the Vic Firth family.. xxx

Bruno Meeus
VicFirth, my drum stick producer has passed away. RIP

Steve Gadd
Rest in peace, Vic Firth (1930-2015).

Gabor Dornyei
This photo's got a great story that says a lot about what an incredible Gentleman Vic Firth was.

In 2014 I attended the NAMM show in LA, and as a VF artist swung by the booth. As always, in the worst possible time I asked him if I can have a photo with him, he said "I'm very sorry, but I have to attend a meeting right now". I said fine, no worries...about 4-5 hours later - after meeting about 500 drummers and others- he came back to me and said: "You wanted to have a photo, right?" I said, yeah?!

I simply could not believe that he still remembered what I wanted ages ago... Vic, you were a real Icon and inspiration and Million Thanks for showing all of us how people should act and behave in the music business. RIP.

Emmanuelle Caplette
RIP Sir Vic Firth!!! Thanks For Everything! XxX
Repose En Paix Monsieur Vic Firth!!! Merci Pour Tout! XxX

Norbert Saemann (Meinl)
I have the utmost respect for your life's work. My condolences go out to the entire family. RIP Everett 'Vic' Firth

Cathy Rich
I am devastated by the loss of my dear friend, mentor, and second father, Vic Firth. He was a true gentleman in a world where that is hard to come by. I will miss our crazy phone conversations and his way with words. Truly one of a kind. My love and prayers go out to his family and his extended family in the drumming community. He will be missed.

Martin Verdonk
R.I.P. Vic Firth

Gavin Harrison
Vic Firth = a really great man. I feel really sad about his passing and want to pass on my best wishes to his family and friends.

It was an honour to know him. I'll always feel proud to have his name in my hands every time I play the drums.

Ralph Humphrey
I have just learned of Vic Firth's passing. There are too many words to describe who this man was, what he represented to so many of us, including his musical fans, and his friendship to all who knew him personally.

He was one of the most kind and sincere persons I ever met, particularly as the head of such an important and great company. I am mourning the loss of an icon in our industry, a true gentleman and one of the finest musicians ever.

Geoff Dugmore
Vic Firth .... 1930 - 2015. (sad smiley)

Omar Hakim
I am deeply saddened to hear the news of the passing of my friend Vic Firth. My very deepest condolences go out to his entire Family and Staff.

I'll be forever Grateful to Mr. Vic Firth for changing my professional life and quality of my work with the finest drumsticks, mallets and so many other wonderful and amazing products that I didn't even know I needed until I used them!

He was always super kind to me and supportive of me from day 1 ! His kindness, genius and wonderful sense of humor will be missed! I'm sure everyone in the drumming world would agree that the man who created the "Perfect Pair" was without question One of a Kind! RIP my Friend.

Anika Nilles
So sorry to hear this sad news! My deepest condolences for the entire Firth family and my deepest sympathies to all of you at the company!

Rest in peace Mr. Firth!

Mark Guiliana
A drumstick only needs one name: Vic Firth.
(see attached image of Mark Guiliana)

Tommy Igoe
There are masters, there are legends and a very, very select few are icons.

Our industry lost an icon. A self-made entrepreneur long before shark tank and a a 50 year fixture of the BSO. An 85-year old cowboy in a three piece suit who never lost his edge. Ever.

He was a close personal friend of mine and he meant more to me than I'm afraid he ever knew though I did try to tell him on several occasions. He was magnificent in every way and I'll miss him dearly.

RIP Vic Firth

Terry Bozzio
Well, yesterday we lost a true giant. Vic Firth passed away and we wish to express our sincerest condolences to all of the Vic Firth Family, company and friends. He will be missed!

My experiences with Vic were treasures, he was like a Musical Giant Father Figure. I can't tell you how many times I heard the timpani leap out of a classical music station on the radio only to later hear the announcer say “the Boston Orchestra”. “Sonic Personality” is what I call it, a rare quality indeed.
He was funny, irreverent, talented, elegant & generous with his time & knowledge. I treasure the times we spent together & him taking me to rehearsals to watch him play. Our conversations were always stimulating & enlightening. He was G.L Stone's (Stick Control) protege.

My Teacher, Chuck Brown made me play & practice with Vic's Sticks back in the late 60s. I used his green hard timpani mallets in college. I still have them as a treasured keepsake. Worm holes in the felt and all. These sticks & mallets had the old wood burned stamp of Vic's name on them. They were “my instruments”, carried in an attache case like a James Bond secret weapon and when the stick tips got worn I would dip them in Varathane lacquer to keep them alive.
I used to have the early flyer of his “catalogue” - maybe a 1 sheet folded mimeograph! Three pairs of sticks, 3 pairs of mallets & a picture of Vic, dressed in a Vampire Tux w/Tails, full head of black hair and a widows peak that could put your eye out! Leaning over his timpani, concentrating, tuning, he was the Icon of how you were supposed to look, sound & be.

He was an avid art collector & we surprisingly & unknowingly shared a love of some obscure stuff. I was only to find this out when he invited me to his house & showed me some Neue Sachlichkeit -German New Objectivity art from the 1920s.

Once at an MD fest, Vic, after hearing me play a classically influenced solo, said “Terry, you sound like you've been sleeping with Alban Berg!!!” These are the things that stay with you proudly, forever.

Thank you Vic for all you have shared with me and all of us percussionists. You were a true light for us, you are irreplaceable & you will be missed.

Buddy Miles
Our deepest condolences to family, friends and fans of Mr.Everett Vic Firth, who passed on today. His contribution to music and drummers in particular, will never be forgotten.

Dom Famularo
I am deeply saddened by the passing of my dear friend and mentor Mr. Vic Firth. There will never be another like him. He will be sorely missed.

Roy Mayorga
My deepest condolences to Vic's family and friends everywhere. Thank you for everything. Rest in peace Everett "Vic" Firth

Cindy Blackman Santana
I'm so very sorry to hear about the passing of the great Vic Firth! Not only was he a great musician and an innovator in the drumming industry BUT, he was also a very classy gentleman & a wonderful friend.

The first time I got the chance to hang out with him was in London at a drum festival. I was so impressed by his knowledge, his elegance and his gentle demeanor.

Thank you Vic for all of your great energy! You will be sorely missed.

God bless you on your new journey my friend.

Lovingly- your friend, drum pal & fan,

Cindy Blackman Santana

Bryan Hitt
So sad to hear of the passing of Vic Firth today. I've been an endorser for about 28 years. I was having a problem many years ago with a couple of batches of sticks that seemed to be breaking more often and very close to my grip. Vic took the time to call me personally and suggested a fix. After that call, Vic had his associates pick the heaviest, most dense sticks in my model and the problem was solved.

Vic's attention to detail was unparalleled and the Vic Firth Company still makes the finest drum and percussion sticks and mallets in the world. Vic will be sorely missed. Not only was he a world class musician, inventor, and businessman, he was just a very nice human!!

Here is a photo of some of us drummers with Vic Firth L to R: Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge, Rod Stewart), Steve Smith (Journey), Vic Firth, Me, and Marc Droubay (Survivor).

Rich Redmond
Vic Firth -- master percussionist, inventor and game changing innovator -- will be forever missed.

His impact on music and the percussion industry will be felt forever and ever.
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