Pat Mastelotto's new cinematic industrial ethno-rock band King Crimson drummer's debut album with Komara Pat Mastelotto, drummer with King Crimson since 1994, has released a new album with a new band: Komara. The self-titled album and Komara band consists of only three members. Together with Pat experimentalist guitarist David Kollar and trumpeter Paolo Raineri recorded the 10-track album, released on Hevhetia records in Slovakia. Komara is available in stores and online June 30, 2015. Digital pre-sales started May 1st.

Komara's self-titled debut album is based on a dark, deviant and explicit detective story. It reflects the mysterious circumstances of an abduction and the ultimate demise of the abductee. It's a NSFW, Rated-R release designed for the open-minded and brave. Unnerving, haunting artwork by Tool's Adam Jones further underlines the album's provocative vibe.

The recording is predominantly instrumental, but includes occasional vocals by Raineri, Leashya and Bill Munyon. Equally menacing, incendiary and vulnerable, they serve as interludes to either break or create moods and tension throughout. The album also has moments of light and hope, told through short trumpet vignettes by Raineri.

Pat Mastelotto is one of the world's most celebrated drummers. He has been a member of every King Crimson lineup from 1994 to the present. In addition, he's one third of Stick Men, a trio with Tony Levin and Markus Reuter. Mastelotto has also collaborated with Steven Wilson, Terry Bozzio, Trey Gunn, Allan Holdsworth and John Paul Jones.

Komara live at the Palace Akropolisin Prague in 2014

Full track listing Komara
  1. Dirty Smelly
  2. 37 Forms
  3. A Collision of Fingerprints
  4. She Sat in Black Silt
  5. 2CFAC
  6. God Has Left This Place
  7. Pasquinade
  8. Abraso
  9. Afterbirth
  10. Inciting Incidents
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