Vote in the Modern Drummer 2015 Readers Poll Hall Of Fame with Clem Burke, Harvey Mason, Ian Paice, Marky Ramone and Danny Seraphine The voting for Modern Drummer's 2015 Readers Poll is opened. You can vote for your favorite artists in several categories, from Prog, Rock, Jazz up to Recorded Performance, Audio and video. Just like every year, most artists listed are well known players. However, you don't have to vote for the artists listed, you can add a personal favorite as well. Below are the nominated artists for the 2015 poll in the 18 sections.

Hall Of Fame
  • Clem Burke
  • Harvey Mason
  • Ian Paice
  • Marky Ramone
  • Danny Seraphine
  • Keith Carlock
  • Mark Guiliana
  • Mike Johnston
  • Ray Luzier
  • Rich Redmond
  • Ryan Brown
  • Matt Garstka
  • Travis Orbin
  • Anup Sastry
  • Todd Sucherman
  • Tal Bergman
  • Rob Bourdon
  • Ian Paice
  • Mike Portnoy
  • Glen Sobel
  • Gerald Cleaver
  • Billy Hart
  • Gregory Hutchinson
  • Rudy Royston
  • Dan Weiss
  • Elaine Bradley
  • Keith Carlock
  • Elliot Jacobson
  • Abe Laboriel Jr.
  • Nate Morton
  • Gregg Bissonette
  • Matt Chamberlain
  • Chad Cromwell
  • Shannon Forrest
  • Russ Miller
  • Brann Dailor
  • Alex Lopez
  • Ray Luzier
  • Vinnie Paul
  • Blake Richardson
  • Amadeus
  • Brian Frasier-Moore
  • Nikki Glaspie
  • Omar Hakim
  • Omar Tavarez
  • Jared Champion
  • Matt Helders
  • Stella Mozgawa
  • Bill Stevenson
  • Atom Willard
  • Mark Guiliana
  • Jonathan Joseph
  • Harvey Mason
  • Steve Smith
  • Nate Wood
  • Tracy Broussard
  • Chris McHugh
  • Seth Rausch
  • Rich Redmond
  • Jim Riley
Up & Coming
  • Valentino Arteaga
  • Aric Improta
  • Hozoji Matheson-Margullis
  • Alex Rudinger
  • Maya Tuttle
  • Jamey Haddad
  • Zakir Hussain
  • John Mahon
  • Pedrito Martinez
  • Steven Schick
  • Peter Erskine
  • Mike Johnston
  • Thomas Lang
  • Russ Miller
  • Stanton Moore
Educational Product
  • Peter Erskine, Jazz Essentials Volume 1 (app)
  • Hannes Grossmann, Extreme Metal Drumming (book/CD)
  • Mike Mangini, The Grid (DVD)
  • Walfredo Reyes Sr. and Elliot Fine, The 2-in-1 Drummer (book/DVD)
  • Zoro, The Commandments of the Half-Time Shuffle (book)
Recorded Performance, Audio
  • Virgil Donati, In This Life
  • Mark Guiliana, Mehliana (Brad Mehldau and Mark Guiliana)
  • Taylor Hawkins, The Birds of Satan (the Birds of Satan)
  • Billy Martin, Juice (Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood)
  • Rudy Royston, 303
Recorded Performance, Video
  • Brann Dailor, Live at Brixton (Mastodon)
  • Zakir Hussain with Steve Smith, Eric Harland, and Giovanni Hidalgo, The SFJazz Sessions (Zakir Hussain)
  • Mike Mangini, Live at Luna Park (Dream Theater)
  • Neil Peart, Clockwork Angels Tour (Rush)
  • Simon Phillips, Live in Poland: 35th Anniversary Tour (Toto)

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