Cristiano 'Criz' Mozzati retires from Lacuna Coil Drummer parts ways with band after sixteen years of service Longtime Lacuna Coil drummer Cristiano 'Criz' Mozzati has decided to part ways with his band. After sixteen years of service, Criz leaves the Italian heavy rockers in search for a new timekeeper.

Guitarist Cris 'Pizza' Migliore has also decided to retire from Lacuna Coil.

According to a statement by the departing drummer, during this last year lots of very important things happened in his life. Says Criz:
"Something really amazing, and deep enough to make me sit in front of my laptop to write these bittersweet words... I'm leaving my 'second family' Lacuna Coil because I need this change in my life... this hasn't been an easy decision at all and I've come to it with pain in my heart, because together we laughed and cried; we fought and gave all our lives to this amazing band. Together we lived the dream for 16 wonderful, intense and unforgettable years."

The band has issued the following statement:

"Both Pizza and Criz have had big changes impact their lives recently. We know how stressful and difficult it can be to balance both real life and the life of a professional touring musician, and we have nothing but total respect for their decisions to focus on their families and lives at home."

Cristiano Mozzati joined Lacuna Coil in 1998 to replaced initial drummer Leonardo Forti.

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