Matt Cameron to tour with Pearl Jam in 2014 Soundgarden searching for replacement drummer For the first time in years, both Pearl Jam and Soundgarden will be actively touring next year. As a result Matt Cameron, who is drumming in both bands, faced a dillema: which band should he join on the road?

After some deliberation, Matt announced that he will tour with Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden will find a replacement. The drummer says he will be taking 2014 off from Soundgarden touring due to prior commitments promoting 'Lightning Bolt' with Pearl Jam and the desire to have more time at home with his family.

But Soundgarden fans should not worry, Matt states:
"I am trying to balance the many twists and turns of my awesome music career. This is temporary. I am still an active member of Soundgarden. Chris, Ben, Kim and I are in the process of finding the perfect substitute for the upcoming Soundgarden dates in 2014."

Matt first joining Soundgarden in 1986 after drummer Scott Sundquist left the band to spend time with his family.

In 1998, a year after Soundgarden split, Matt joined Pearl Jam to replace Jack Irons, who left the band due to health issues.

Soundgarden reunited in 2010 and are scheduled to hit the stage in 2014 at the Lollapalooza festival in Chile, followed by shows in Argentina, Brazil and Germany. More dates are expected to be announced soon.

Matt has spent the past few weeks on Pearl Jam's North American tour promoting their new album 'Lightning Bolt'.

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