Billie Jean by Michael Henry and Justin Robinett Awesome dueling piano/drum cover Michael Henry and Justin Robinett are two upcoming artists, with multiple credits in music, drumming, drumlines, and even philosophy. They first met on the Texas Tech University Drumline, Michael the Drum Captain and Justin a member of the Tenor Line. Having recorded many beautiful songs and videos, this is the highlight of their career so far: a drum/piano duel of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean.

Of course many of you know this song was originally recorded by the legendary Leon 'Ndugu' Chancler, appearing on Michael Jackson's sixth solo album, 'Thriller' (1982). At that time, way before illegal downloading changed the music world, the King of Pop had a production budget of $750,000.

Michael and Justin had nothing, except for a Canon 60D to record the video... and their talent for music and singing:

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