Bonhamizer app adds Led Zep's drums to any song Apply John Bonham's beats on any track with this music hack If you're one of those drummers who can hear never enough of John Bonham's tasty and heavy grooves, you'll love this new app called the Bonhamizer. The app takes any track and re-renders it as if the late, great John Bonham of Led Zepplin was the drummer.

This app works by cutting songs up into beats and tatums, and aligning the beats to John Bonham drum patterns. The drum patterns are outtakes from the 'In through the Out Door' album.

Some songs just need a little bit of Bonzo
This obviously won't work well for every song out there, but we were pretty impressed by the Bonhamized version of Adele's Rolling in the Deep and a couple of other songs on the playlist uploaded by its creator. The site also offers you a look at recent uploads from other users, so you can discover amazing mashups.

Please not only Chrome and Safari are supported browsers at the moment.

The Bonhamizer app is developed by Paul Lamere during Music Hack Day 2013, which took place in San Francisco, California last weekend.

Music Hack Day is an international 24-hour event where programmers, designers and artists come together to conceptualize, build and demo the future of music. Software, hardware, mobile, web, instruments, art - anything goes as long as it's music related.
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