Danny Carey talks about new Tool album Drummer says next album is "coming together soon" Tool drummer Danny Carey has revealed that his band will likely record studio album number five later this year. Danny disclosed some of the recording plans of the notoriously enigmatic band in a feature video by Vic Firth drumsticks.

Danny states they plan to enter the studio by June or July to start tracking. The drummer also says:
"[Bassist] Justin [Chancellor] has been really prolific on this record, he’s been coming in with tons of riffs. I usually try to find something to complement it rather than play what he’s playing. It’s kind of confusing sometimes, especially with some of the riffs those guys come up with; 13 or 21, [they] can be anything. We’ve got one that’s 17 that we’re doing now."

Check out the first of three parts of Vic Firth's artist spotlight video featuring Danny Carey. He talks about how the band got together as well as how Tool tackles songwriting and recording:

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