Bill Ward sacked from Black Sabbath? Tommy Clufetos may have stepped in despite Sharon's denial Sharon Osbourne has fired original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward from the band's upcoming reunion. At least, that's what states. The site claims a close source has confirmed this. Earlier this month Bill refused to agree with an "unsignable" contract and threatened not to participate in the reunion.

There is no official word from the Black Sabbath camp yet, but in response to MetalTalk's rumours Sharon stated on Twitter:
"I am not in any position to hire or fire anyone in Black Sabbath. I don't manage the band, I manage my husband [Ozzy Osbourne]."

At the same time Tommy Clufetos, currently drumming in Ozzy’s backup band, almost let the cat out of the bag regarding his as-yet-unannounced new role as Bill Ward's replacement.

For a couple of hours Tommy' official website listed more than one Black Sabbath show, most notably the Rotterdam, Netherlands date in June with links to buy tickets.

The dates have disappeared from the site again, but meanwhile Sabbath fans are actively discussing if the "reunion" without Bill Ward will be Black Sabbath or if this three-piece gathering should be called Back Stabbath. What do you think?

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