Supernova Custom Drums' new ResoAir shells Boutique brand introducing patent pending shell construction Supernova Custom Drums have launched the ResoAir shells, a new shell construction to compliment their line of quality hand made drum shells.

According to Chris Troy, founder and ceo of Supernova, the patent pending ResoAir Shells produce a full bodied, concentrated tone because of their distinctive structure. In a press release Chris states:
"The ResoAir Shells feature a combination of air chambers formulated inside the shell to give you all the resonance and tone you will ever need from your drums. Each chamber acts as a mini air cavity, generating a rich sonic timbre from the woods involved in the production of the drums."

Supernova's first line of ResoAir Shells contains Finnish Birch. However, as with all their custom made drum shells, any species of wood can be used in the production of their drums.

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