Cymbag celebrates the holidays Lower prices and free bonus bag in pre-packs In an effort to support dealers and stimulate increased holiday sales, Cymbag International has lowered the price of its entire line of Cymbag cymbal protection sleeves and added a free 18" bag to its drumkit pre-pack.

Cymbag president, Javier Cedena, announced that effective immediately the retail price of all Cymbags has been reduced by 10% and the Manufacturers Advertised Price (MAP) discount has been increased. Holiday shoppers can now save extra money and stock up on Cymbags for all their cymbals.

In addition, during the holiday season the standard Cymbag pre-pack (20", 16" and two 14" bags) will include an 18" bag at no charge (while supplies last at participating dealers). Cymbag’s 'Pre-Pack Plus' now offers a basic set of Cymbags worth over $100 for the special price of just $74.99 (MSRP).

Made from an advanced microfiber material and designed to protect cymbals from fingerprints, scratches and dirt during set-up, pack-up, storage and travel, the patent pending Cymbag cymbal sleeves are easy to use, effective and recommended for drumset, concert, marching and world percussion.

The full selection of Cymbags are available at leading drumshops throughout the world.
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