Vans Warped Tour drummers choose TRX Cymbals Lot of TRX endorsing artists featured on 2010 trek Drummers on Vans Warped 2010 Tour, including Tino Arteaga (Of Mice & Men), Mike Fuentes (Pierce The Veil), Lukas Koszewski (Emarosa), Andrew Oliver (I See Stars) and Joel Piper (Confide), choose TRX Cymbals The TRX Cymbal Co. has announced that the drummers in several bands on 2010's Vans Warped Tour have chosen to play TRX authentic Turkish cymbals.

TRX president Dave Levine says:
"The Vans Warped Tour has always been about showcasing the best in modern rock.

We’re stoked that these drummers have chosen to play our cymbals because it proves that, even though they may be young, the best players play the best gear. In more and more cases, that includes a set of TRX Cymbals."

The list of TRX endorsers on the 2010 Warped Tour includes:

  • Tino Arteaga (Of Mice & Men)
  • Mike Fuentes (Pierce The Veil)
  • Lukas Koszewski (Emarosa)
  • Andrew Oliver (I See Stars)
  • Joel Piper (Confide)

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